Metacritic - Film
The source for film reviews.

Information and links on just about every film ever made, this is the best place to start if you need a question answered about a film.

Elstree Productions
The home page for this famous film studio. Base of operations for the James Bond films for a long time, it also played host to Star Wars, Superman along with a long line of English film and television productions.
Mandy's International Film and Television Production Directory, a web-database of film and television producers, technicians and facilities.

global digital entertainment studio and on-line community, where aspiring filmmakers can realize their potential through numerous opportunities, make coveted connections and, potentially, gain employment and management representation

Claddagh Films
A Irish film production company with a useful collection of links.

Drive-in theatres of the South Pacific
Information on Drive-ins

Puchon International Film Festival
An interesting looking Korean Film festival of fantasy, adventure and romance. The Korean Embassy kindly sent me a programme, if only they had sent airfare and spending money I'd be there.

Sight and Sound
A well respected film and cinema magazine.
Do you have broadband? Do you like Independent Films?

El Filmo Production
A Tunisian production company for film and audio-visual services , including short and long feature films advertising, promotion, documentary films etc, for national and international films.

MadCat Film Festival
The MadCat Women's International Film Festival

One Poster
They sell movie posters.

Artwork Template
Templates for printind cd/DVD/Video inserts and covers.


I Love DVD: Format Information.

Michealdvd: Region 4 News/reviews.

SendIt: Online store in UK.

Real Groovy: Record/DVD Store

Trade Me DVD'S: Online Auctions

Amuse DVD's: Local store

DVDSoon: Canadian Shop - good deals

dvdplanet US site - art films

Bensons UK

Movies Unlimited: US site: Rare and hard to find

New Zealand Film Page

The Cinema of Unease Because of my involvement with the Canterbury Film Society web page I was getting asked a few questions about local cinema. Not knowing a great deal about it myself I searched the web for information. To speed things up I have turned the links I found into a web page. Hope you find it of use.

New Zealand Cinema Logo

Canterbury Film Society

Lights, Camera.... Brought into existence on 25 April 1954, the societies aim was to have screened interesting films (foreign films in particular) which would not otherwise be seen , and over the time of its existence it lived up to that aim with international offerings and supporting local filmmakers.

Canterbury Film Society