Film Awards in New Zealand

From my research to date I don't believe there were any film awards in New Zealand until the Guild of Film and TV Arts started administering the GOFTA awards in 1986.

Before then, excellence in New Zealand moving images was was recognised in television production only via the New Zealand Television Workshop (1965-66) and New Zealand Feltex Awards (1970-85).

The information on the pages listed at the top of this page came from the records held by AFTA (Academy of Film and Television Arts) who administered the Film Awards and Television Awards. The Gofta itself was a two foot wide sculptured karaka sprey, designed by Terry Stringer. There should be a photograph of one to the right of this paragraph.

The Film Awards and Television Awards used to be run as a joint ceremony until 2000 when they were split into two separate events. Follow the links above for information on winners.

New Zealand Screen Awards logoAfter the 2003 awards there was gap due to lack of sponsorship, and the future of New Zealand film awards was uncertain until December 2004, when the Screen Directors Guild (SDG) announced their decision to take on the task of creating and running the New Zealand Screen Awards. The TV awards were held every year, with the film awards being held in alternate years to ensure there are enough films to compete.

2005 also saw the creation of the new and completely separate Qantas Television Awards (QTA), being administered by the New Zealand Television Broadcasters' Council.

In mid 2008 The Screen Directors Guild and New Zealand Television Broadcasters' Council announced that they had joined forces to create the Qantas Film and Television Awards.

These were renamed as the Aotearoa Film and Television Awards in 2011 with a fresh look that was hoped would better reflect the nature of the event.

Unfortunately the Screen Directors Guild didn't appreciated the make over, feeling the TV stars were stealing the limelight, so due to funding and other factors they said it would not be taking part in the 2012 awards. Into the vacuum entered Ant Timpson and New Zealand Herald Entertainment Editor Hugh Sundae whose light hearted comments about setting up something turned into the Sorta Unofficial New Zealand Film Awards in 2012.

Details of New Zealand TV award winners can be found in the Kiwi TV section of this site.