Nokia New Zealand Film Awards 2000

Catagory Winner Production / Producer / Director
Village Force Cinemas Best Film Scarfies Lisa Chatfield, Producer
Wellington City Best Actress Scarfies Willa O'Neill
Wellington City Best Actor Jubilee Cliff Curtis
Hutt City Best Supporting Actor Scarfies Jon Brazier
Hutt City Best Supporting Actress Savage Honeymoon Elizabeth Hawthorne
Best Juvenile Performer Kids World Olivia Tennet
The Film Unit Best Screenplay Scarfies Duncan Sarkies and Robert Sarkies
Kodak New Zealand Best Director Scarfies Robert Sarkies
Digital Post Best Editing Scarfies Anne Collins
Atlab New Zealand Best Cinematography The Price of Milk Leon Narbey
Best Original Music Savage Honeymoon Dean Savage
Best Contribution to a Soundtrack Jubilee John McKay
Academy of Film and Television Make Up Best Make Up Savage Honeymoon Denise Kum
Best Costume Design Savage Honeymoon Emily Carter
Best Design Savage Honeymoon Gary Mackay
Fujifilm Best Short Film Infection James Cunnigham, Director
Henderson Rental Cars Best Performance in a Short Film Letters About the Weather Sara Wiseman
Best Script for Short Film Little Samurai Jesse Warn
Best Craft Contribution to Short Film Infection James Cunningham, CGI Creation & Animation
The Rudall Hayward Award Lifetime Achievement Award Ian Mune
The Nokia NZ Filmmaker's Scholarship Reina Webster
Television 2000
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