Nokia NZ Film Awards 2001

Catagory Winner Production / Producer / Director
Best Script for Short Film COW Michael Bennett
Best Technical Contribution to a Short Film Junk John Chrystoffels
Academy of Film & Television Make-Up Best Make-Up Her Majesty Debra East
Best Costume Design Her Majesty Lesley Burkes-Harding
Best Design Her Majesty Kim Sinclair
Best Juvenile Performer Rain Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki
Henderson Rental Cars Best Performance in a Short Film Camping With Camus Jonathan Hardy
Best Computer Generated Images Snakeskin Peter Hurnard
Best Original Music Snakeskin Joost Langveld & leyton.
Sound Techniques Best Contribution to a Soundtrack Snakeskin Dave Whitehead
Best Supporting Actor Rain Alistair Browning
Best Supporting Actress Stickmen Luanne Gordon
Best Editing Snakeskin Cushla Dillon & Marcus D'Arcy
Atlab New Zealand Best Cinematography Snakeskin Donald Duncan
Sony New Zealand Best Digitally Mastered Feature The Waiting Place Robert Rowe & Cristobal Araus Lobos
Best Screenplay Stickmen Nick Ward
Kodak New Zealand Best Short Film Junk Gregory King
Best Actress Rain Sarah Peirse
Best Actor Stickmen Scott Wills
Kodak New Zealand Best Director Stickmen Hamish Rothwell
The Film Unit Best Film Snakeskin Vanessa Sheldrick