Advert for Jonah Hex appearance in All Star Western

Fred tells us....

I was going through some old junk in one of my boxes and pulled out a coverless old comic. I was going to toss it but I paged through it real quick and found this gem. It looks like an old Sgt. Rock, but it's definitely an old war comic. There are even letters to the editor from soldiers and marines in Viet-Nam. I would guess it is from within a month of the Jonah Hex first appearance. Later detective work by Bully confirmed this was in Our Army at War #240 (January 1972)

Half page Advert for Jonah Hex appearance in All Star Western

Susan found the above variation of the ad..

It just so happened that BATMAN #237 has been on my [want] list for quite a few years -- the story inside is one of my favorites (if you like Batman, get this book!), but all I've ever had is a Digest edition. I finally managed to find a copy for $10, so I grabbed it quick, flipped through it right at the booth, and lo and behold, on the last page is a half-page version of the ad you were sent awhile back. As you can see, the coloring on this one is a bit closer to Confederate gray, and he doesn't look so monsterous.