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Giffen currently works exclusively for DC comics, having signed a contract with them back in 2008 which appears to still be in effect.

The DC Comics

Mr Giffen is being kept busy in the DC universe: chatted to Keith in a series of interviews:

  1. An Oral History of the 1987 JUSTICE LEAGUE>
  2. On Second Chances, Deadlines, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES
  3. on Grapples With JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, Early IMAGE Work, 'Grim & Gritty' Era
  4. on Typecasting, Swiping Accusations, And What Kept Him Going In 90s
  5. On His Return To Comic Books, Blow-Ups With DC, ANNIHILATION, 52, More

GBBP 75: J.M. DeMatteis & Keith Giffen - GeekDad
J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen chat with geekdad about Scooby Do, their longtime collaboration, how the industry has changed since the 70s, creator-owned work, and writing for different formats.

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Back Issue #91 (2016)
backissue_91.png - 55.2 KBThis issue of the always informative magazine treats us fans of Mr Giffen with an all-jerks issue starring the Green Lantern you love to hate, Guy Gardner! in a feature article outlining his history, plus there's an article revisiting the Heckler with quotes from Keith Giffen and Tom Bierbaum.
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