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The Good News:

Once a dominant voice in the DC Universe, Keith Giffen has been pretty much absent from the company's pages for some years now (1999). That's about to end. Expect a new series from the former Justice League International creator and artist Mike McKone. According to DC editor Kevin Dooley, Giffen and McKone's new series will be called Vext, and will be hitting comic stores in 1999. Despite Internet rumours that the collaboration would star Guy Gardner and the Warriors bar, Dooley says the series actually stars a brand new character.

Although Giffen hasn't been seen much in the pages of DC Comics recently, his influence on them is pervasive, stemming from his creation of Justice League International, L.E.G.I.O.N., Lobo, the grim-and-gritty era of Legion of Super-Heroes and fan favourite Ambush Bug.

His most recent DC Comics work was a JLI story in the Justice League 80 Page Giant earlier this summer.

From Monday June 29th, 1998

VEXT, a new ongoing series by KEITH GIFFEN and MIKE MCKONE set in the DCU and starring the newly created, but "centuries old God of Mishap", will likely premiere early in 1998. Issue #1 will guest star Superman and Zauriel, and editor Kevin Dooley really wants you to know that the series stars the DC God of MISHAP.

From Michael Doran's Newsarama Saturday September 12th, 1998

October 24th, 1998 UPDATE:

Superman and Zauriel appear in the debut of DC's new good-luck ongoing series! When Heaven downsizes, Vext, the god of Mishap, is assigned to Earth. Bad luck comes knocking as Vext moves into an apartment with an oddball super, an uncooperative Murphy bed and a bemused (and kinda cute) next-door neighbour, Vext's luck -- and the DCU's, for that matter -- has just changed!

From Jason, my flatmate, who found it somewhere I guess.

On Thursday 20 January on AOL did you drop by the Green Room to meet Keith? He was talking about Vext, the god of mishap -- things go wrong when he's around. And that means you can expkje sejhe ahjsy sujyg aihuist kjsyeg sjhgeys, sjhgsg 76527652fs ^&^S^%$S 7378wjhshgs,%S^%S$S%^S^S%$s shjge67gsu762gs762g25 -- 6:00 PM ET, keyword CHAT DC

From DC COMICS ONLINE NEWSLETTER 1/15/99 / Keyword: DCComics

Did anyone get a transcript of this?

The Bad News!!!!!!!!!!!

According to a news byte on The Comic Book Continuum, Keith Giffen's VEXT has been cancelled. Issue number six will be the title's final instalment.

Down on the Upside,
Saint Christopher


Unlucky number six.

That's all DC Comics' Vext is getting to, which will be ending its run in June. The Keith Giffen/Mike McKone comic, featuring a minor god of mishap forced to make his way in the mortal world, started off with tepid sales which only got worse, not even cracking the top 100 for sales from Diamond Comics distributors in February.

Vext was based in Delta City, the setting introduced in Giffen's last ongoing DC Comics series, The Heckler. That series also ended with its sixth issue in 1993.

This interesting factoid was ripped off from Comic Book Resources.