What comics has he appeared in?

For a couple of years Todd Dominik maintained an excellent bibliography of the appearances that Man-Thing has made in comics with dates and information on the storylines. Then Todd let me know that he had lost interest in comic books, and so didn't feel it was fair to keep the page on his site when it hadn't seen any updates in almost a year. He therefore removed the list from his site but graciously passed on the bibliography to me. I have added links to extra information based on my own incomplete collection of Man-Thing comics and other information I've found. I endeavour to keep up Todd's good work in recording the appearances of our favourite Muck Monster.

Items are sorted in the same order as the Overstreet Price Guide. Entries with a question mark (?) are rumoured appearances that have not been verified by either Todd or myself.

If you prefer a simpler A-Z checklist, then try this.

Primary Appearances

This list features the Man-Thing as the center of the storyline, or as a supporting character. In these stories, Manny interacts with the Marvel Universe in "real-time" and makes a contribution to others or the reader discovers a new character trait.

Savage Tales#1 Man-Thing 1971/05
To keep AIM from getting its hands on the serum he devised to allow people to survive in polluted environments, chemist Ted Sallis injects himself with it, and its properties combine with the mystic powers of the swamp to turn him into a near-mindless Man-Thing.
Fear#10 Man-Thing! 1971/10
The Man-Thing saves a child thrown from a bridge by its father and takes revenge for him. Series info
Fear#11 Night of the Nether-Spawn 1971/12
A girl studying witchcraft inadvertently releases a demon on the small Florida town in which she lives, which the Man-Thing must combat.
Fear#12 No Choice of Colors 1972/02
A sheriff chases a fugitive who may be wrongfully accused into the swamp, where both must deal with the Man-Thing.
Fear#13 Where Worlds Collide 1972/04
A youth is possessed by one of Thog's demons in the swamp, and the Man-Thing is lured into a trap whereby he may regain his humanity, if he kills Jennifer Kale and her family.
Fear#14 The Demon Plague 1972/06
A plague of madness breaks out in the world, and Joshua Kale dispatches Jennifer and the Man-Thing to another dimension to find a mystic tome to prevent it.
Astonishing Tales#12 Terror Stalks the Everglades 1972/06
The story that was supposed to appear in Savage Tales #2, but didn't.
Astonishing Tales#13 Man-Thing 1972/08
Kazar visits the swamp and tangles with Man-Thing
Fear#15 From Here to Infinity and The Tale of the Tome 1972/08
The demon-possessed madmen make attacks on the Man-Thing, and Dakimh sends him and Jennifer Kale on a quest for the Tome of Zhered-Na.
Fear#16 Cry of the Native 1972/09
Real estate developer F. A. Schist wants to drain the swamp and turn it into an airport, evacuating a Native American tribe in the process, and incurs the interference of the Man-Thing.
Fear#17 It Came Out of the Sky 1972/10
A rocket lands in Man-Thing's swamp and disgorges a strange visitor from another planet, with the powers of a superman but the mind of a child.
Fear#18 A Question of Survival 1972/11
The Man-Thing tries to save five survivors of a bus wreck, who prove almost as much of a danger to themselves as was the accident.
Fear#19 The Enchanters Apprentice 1972/12
Man-Thing, Jennifer Kale, Howard the Duck and a Barbarian go on a quest against the evil Congress of Realities.
Man-Thing#1 Battle For the Palace of the Gods 1974/01
The Man-Thing and Dakimh's band must attempt to realign the Cosmic Axis, but Thog sends the Congress of Realities to attack them. Series info
Marvel Two-In-One#1 Vengeance of the Molecule Man! 1974/01
Man-Thing teams up with the Thing to fight the second Molecule Man
Man-Thing#2 Nowhere To Go But Down 1974/02
The Man-Thing and a girl save a young man's life, but are soon endangered by a motorcycle gang and a professor who has built a deathtrap for the monster.
Man-Thing#3 Day of the Killer, Night of the Fool 1974/03
Richard Rory is stalked by a costumed man called the Foolkiller, who wishes to destroy him with a blast of his Purifier, along with F. A. Schist and the Man-Thing.
Man-Thing#4 The Making of a Madman 1974/04
The Foolkiller proceeds with his plan to kill Rory, Schist, and the Man-Thing as "fools".
Man-Thing#5 Night of the Laughing Dead 1974/05
A clown commits suicide in the swamp, and his lover, his boss, a rival, Richard Rory, Ruth Hart, and Man-Thing are summoned by his ghost to view a drama of his life.
Monsters Unleashed Magazine#5 All the Faces of Fear 1974/05
Ellen Brandt, still thinking herself disfigured from her facial burn, returns with her psychiatrist to the swamp, where she hopes to destroy the Man-Thing.
Man-Thing#6 And When I Died..! 1974/06
Darrel Daniel's ghost forces Richard Rory and company to take roles in a play based on his life, staged in the swamp, to determine the destination of his soul.
Man-Thing#7 The Old Die Young 1974/07
Three ancient Spanish conquistadors try to capture the Man-Thing even as F. A. Schist reveals his real interest in the swamp: it holds the fabled Fountain of Youth.
Giant-Size Man-Thing#1 How Will We Keep Warm When the Last Flame Dies? 1974/08
A team of scientists trying to build an ecology-conscious village in the swamp run afoul of the Cult of Entropists, who cause the revival of the Glob, who does battle with the Man-Thing. Series info
Man-Thing#8 The Gift of Death 1974/08
With one hand transformed back into human shape by the Fountain of Youth's waters, the Man-Thing is trailed back to the swamp's hidden city by F. A. Schist and Prof. Wickham.
Master of Kung-Fu#19 Retreat 1974/08
Man-Thing helps Shang-Chi battle two Si-Fan assassins, as Chi meets a David Carradine/Cain (from the TV show 'Kung Fu' ) lookalike.
Daredevil#113 When Strikes the Gladiator! 1974/09
The Gladiator kidnaps Candice Nelson for doing a story on work by Ted Sallis; DD heads to the Florida Everglades looking for Ted and runs across the Gladiator who got there first.
Man-Thing#9 Deathwatch 1974/09
The Man-Thing, a man, and his dog are endangered by demons created in the swamp by a strange red mist.
Daredevil#114 A Quiet Night In the Swamp! 1974/10
Man-Thing teams with Daredevil to battle the Gladiator
Man-Thing#10 Nobody Dies Forever 1974/10
Maybelle Tork realizes her hatred has created the demons which endanger Zeke and the Man-Thing
Monsters Unleashed Magazine#8 Several Meaningless Deaths 1974/10
Text story by Gerber concerning a writer who, trying to escape the violence of the city, runs away to the very shack that Ted Sallis lived in. He finds an injured young girl on his doorstep who is being chased by her sadistic father. The emotional energy flying around attracks Man-Thing
Daredevil#115 Death Stalks the City! 1974/11
Flashback cameo
Giant-Size Man-Thing#2 Of Monsters and Men 1974/11
F. A. Schist's widow has the Man-Thing trapped and brought to New York for exhibition.
Man-Thing#11 Dance to the Murder 1974/11
A ballet dancer endangered by masked terrorists escapes into the swamp, where she encounters Richard Rory and the Man-Thing.
Man-Thing#12 Song-Cry of the Living Dead Man! 1974/12
The Man-Thing and Sybil Mills try to save a writer from his inner demons.
Monsters Unleashed Magazine#9 Several Meaningless Deaths Conclusion 1974/12
Text story with illustrations. Samuel Parrish takes vengeance on his daughter and Christopher Dale, but must now face the wrath of the Man-Thing
Monsters Unleashed Annual#1 All the Faces of Fear 1975/
Reprint from Monsters Unleashed #5
Man-Thing#13 Red Sails at 40000 Feet 1975/01
The Man-Thing stows away aboard a ship bound for the Bermuda Triangle, where he and the crew encounter a band of pirates whose ship sails the sky.
Giant-Size Man-Thing#3 The Blood of Kings 1975/02
The Man-Thing teams with Korrek, Dakimh, and Jennifer Kale again to overthrow the usurpers of Korrek's kingdom.
Man-Thing#14 Tower of the Satyr 1975/02
Aboard Captain Fate's sky-ship, Maura Spinner learns she must release the captain and his crew from a satyr's curse, or sail the skies with them forever.
Man-Thing#15 A Candle for Sainte-Cloud 1975/03
An old girlfriend of Ted Sallis's buys a candle in the shape of the Man-Thing, not knowing it gives off drugged fumes.
Man-Thing#16 Decay Meets the Mad Viking 1975/04
A decadent rock star, a fleeing girl, and a berserker in a Viking outfit come together in the swamp, with the Man-Thing to sort them out.
Giant-Size Man-Thing#4 The Kid's Night Out 1975/05
A boy who identifies with the Man-Thing dies when forced to perform a feat beyond his capacities. The townspeople try to keep his diary from being published, but must then face the real Man-Thing's vengeance.
Man-Thing#17 A Book Burns in Citrusville 1975/05
The Man-Thing's body is dissolved in chemical wastes, while a woman teams up with the Mad Viking to stage a book-burning in Citrusville.
Man-Thing#18 School's Out 1975/06
Olivia Selby and the Mad Viking storm the local high school to burn textbooks they deem offensive, even as the Man-Thing rises from a chemical grave.
Giant-Size Spider-Man#5 Beware the Path of the Monster! 1975/07
Man-Thing teams with Spider-Man to fight the Lizard
Man-Thing#19 The Scavenger of Atlanta 1975/07
Richard Rory and Carol Selby take the Man-Thing with them on a journey out of Citrusville, even as a costumed mind-pirate called the Scavenger strikes.
Giant-Size Man-Thing#5 Fear Times Three, There's a Party in 6G, The Sins of the Fathers, and Lifeline 1975/08
At a carnival in 1971, Ted Sallis listens to a fortune teller predict his future, in which he will become the Man-Thing.
Man-Thing#20 The nightmare Box 1975/08
After a collision with a vehicle driven by a demon in disguise, Richard Rory is given a "Nightmare Box" which will have dire consequences for the Man-Thing.
Man-Thing#21 A Lunatic in Every Corner 1975/09
The servants of Thog, both demonic and human, begin a coordinated operation, and Thog himself rises from a junkyard to confront the Man-Thing.
Man-Thing#22 Pop Goes the Cosmos 1975/10
Steve Gerber writes a long letter to editor Len Wein explaining why he cannot continue writing the series: he recently became a character in it, and helped Man-Thing in his final battle against Thog.
Iron Man Annual#3 More or Less...The Return of the Molecule Man 1976
Tony Stack visits the swamps
Marvel Premiere#28 There's a Mountain on Sunset Boulevard 1976/02
Team-up with Ghost Rider, Werewolf, Morbius.
Incredible Hulk#197 ...And Man-Thing Makes Three! 1976/03
Follows on from IRON MAN ANNUAL #3 with the Hulk and Man-Thing having a fight.
Incredible Hulk#198 The Shangri-La Syndrome 1976/04
The Collector pits Man-Thing and the glob against the Hulk.
Incredible Hulk#210 And Call the Doctor--Druid 1977/04
Man-Thing vs. Mongu flashback-- Ted's burning touch fuses battle ax to barbarian's hand. Ax is still in hand when he fights the Hulk.
Incredible Hulk#211 The Monster and the Mystic 1977/05
Man-Thing vs. Mongu flashback
Fantastic Four#187 Trouble Times Two 1977/10
Flash Back
The Rampaging Hulk#7 Among the Great Divide 1978/02
The Man-Thing encounters a young woman suffering from severe multiple personality disorder. Her personalities can physically manifest themselves, some of whom have deadly intent. The resulting conflicting emotional fireworks wreaks havoc on Man-Thing.
Howard the Duck#22 May the Farce Be with You! 1978/03
Star Wars Parody
Howard the Duck#23 Star Waaugh 1978/04
Star Wars Parody
Marvel Team-Up#68 The Measure of a Man 1978/04
Spiderman frees Man-thing from captivity in a circus and returns him to the swamp, where they are attacked by S'spayer.
Marvel Two-In-One#43 The Day The World Winds Down 1978/09
Team-up of the Thing and Man-Thing, with Captain America
Micronauts#7 The Great Escape 1979/07
The Micronauts fight the Man-Thing to defend Steve Coffin, and Karza exchanges minds with Prof. Prometheus and emerges man-sized from the Prometheus Pit.
Man-Thingv2 #1 Regeneration and Rebirth 1979/11
Several secret agents hire a scientist to help trap the Man-Thing and regenerate his brain to human levels so that he may reveal the Super-Soldier Serum formula to them. Series info
Man-Thingv2 #2 Himalayan Nightmare! 1980/01
The Man-Thing is teleported to the Himalayas, where an unscrupulous man learns of him and hopes to exhibit him as the Abominable Snowman.
Man-Thingv2 #3 The Gong of Doom 1980/03
Man-Thing and Elaine Simpson face danger from the mad human lord of a Yeti tribe and from Roger Grafton, who wants to capture the muck-monster.
Doctor Strangev2 #40 Dawn of Death 1980/04
Man-Thing vs Baron Mordo, and his pawn Lord Phyffe. Story continues in Man-Thing 4, and concludes in DS 41.
Howard the Duck Magazine#5 Captain Americana 1980/05
Flashback during story of Howard and Bev visiting Duckworld.
Man-Thingv2 #4 Death-Knell 1980/05
Man-Thing and Elaine Simpson are yanked back to the swamp, where they find themselves embroiled in a battle between Dr. Strange and Baron Mordo.
Doctor Strangev2 #41 Weep for the Soul of Man 1980/06
vs. Mordo, with Man-Thing. Follows on from Man-Thing 4.
Man-Thingv2 #5 Who Knows Fear? 1980/07
A drug dealer and his men pursue a witness to a murder, and find themselves confronted by the Man-Thing.
Man-Thingv2 #6 Fraternity Rites 1980/09
A group of fraternity members seeks to destroy the Man-Thing in full view of Sheriff Daltry.
The Savage She-Hulk#8 Among The Ogres! 1980/09
She-Hulk is rendered human and afraid by the fountain of youth. Man-Thing attacks, making her angry enough to transform back to her savage, green self.
Man-Thingv2 #7 What Ever Happened to Captain Fate? 1980/11
Captain Fate returns to plunder an airliner and attack Citrusville, with the Man-Thing, John Daltry, and Barbie Bannister drawn into the conflict.
Man-Thingv2 #8 Red Sails, Burning 1981/01
John Daltry, Barbie Bannister, and Man-Thing are captured aboard Captain Fate's vessel, where they begin resistance against him.
Man-Thingv2 #9 Echo of Pain and My Soul to Keep: 1981/03
1) Two parents of a newborn baby die of drinking contaminated water, and Man-Thing takes the baby, but is pursued by its grandparents. 2) Man-Thing helps save a cultist from two brutal deprogrammers.
Uncanny X-Men#144 Even In Death 1981/04
Man-Thing helps the X-Men battle D'spayre
Man-Thingv2 #10 Come The Dark Man Walkin, Walkin 1981/05
John Kowalski joins the Kales and Barbie Bannister, who is trying to find a way to lift John Daltry from Captain Fate's curse and bring him back to her, while the Man-Thing fights a motorcycle gang.
Man-Thingv2 #11 Hells Gate 1981/07
Chris Claremont merges with the Man-Thing in a final battle to save John Daltry and fight Thog.
Marvel Two-In-One#77 Only the Swamp Survives 1981/07
Team-up of the Thing and Man-Thing. With Fantastic Four. In a flashback, Ben Grimm is shown with Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos in WWII.
Defenders#98 The Hand Closes 1981/08
Man-Thing is possessed and used to battle the Defenders
Thor#316 Of Beasts and Things 1982/02
Thor and Iron Man battle the Man-Beast, and Man-Thing finds himself aboard a strange craft.
Thor#317 Chaos At Canaveral 1982/03
Man-Thing's rescuing of the Man-Beat has terrible consequences. In an effort to put things right he attracts Thor's attention.
Marvel Team-Up#122 (and 123?) A Simple Twist Of...Fate 1982/10
An ex-employee of the Daily Bugle takes Man-Thing to the paper's offices to get revenge. Spider-Man steps in and calmer heads prevail.
Marvel Fanfare#9 Rock n' Soul 1983/06
A musician fleeing a deal his band made with infernal powers finds himself in the Man-Thing's swamp.
Web of Spider-Man Annual#4 Sweet Poison 1988/
Spider-Man verse the Slug
Marvel Fanfare#36 Touch of Fire, Touch of Fear 1988/01
Short Man-Thing Story
Marvel Comics Presents#1 Elements of Terror 1988/09/1
The Man-Thing discovers humans in his swamp who have been horribly altered by government experiments--and melds with one of them. Series info
Marvel Comics Presents#2 Elements of Terror: First Witness 1988/09/02
As the Man-Thing lies stricken by his invaded body, a senator is attacked and abducted for asking the right questions.
Marvel Comics Presents#3 Elements of Terror: Ritual and Belief 1988/09/03
The senator's body is physically altered by the FSSI, as the mutated Man-Thing attacks a coven which is operating in his swamp.
Marvel Comics Presents#4 Elements of Terror: Rage and Design 1988/09/04
Senator Wilbur Wycombe, turned into a monster, attacks his captors, while Demon shows the government agents her new acquisition: the Man-Thing.
Marvel Comics Presents#5 Elements of Terror: God and Country 1988/10
While Col. Choate testifies in Washington, Monteiro allies himself with Demon and (supposedly) with Man-Thing.
Marvel Comics Presents#6 Elements of Terror: The Horror Within 1988/11
Demon "merges" psychically with Man-Thing and the being who has melded with him, to horrific result.
Marvel Comics Presents#7 Elements of Terror: Boxes 1988/11/02
As the FSCI turns Railsback into a "super-soldier" monstrosity, Zahner and his crew attack Man-Thing, Demon, and Monteiro.
Marvel Comics Presents#8 Elements of Terror: Prisoners 1988/12
Zahner's attack fails and Demon prepares to summon Chaos with the Man-Thing's help.
Marvel Comics Presents#9 Elements of Terror: Breaking Faith 1988/12/02
Man-Thing is decapitated when the government bombs the swamp, but begins to grow a new body.
Marvel Comics Presents#10 Elements of Terror: Freedom Fighter 1989/01
Col. Choate is injected with the Serum and eliminates the Dr. Ditillio escapes and goes looking for McDonald.
Marvel Comics Presents#11 Elements of Terror: Perception and Actuality 1989/01/02
Selbert holds Zahner and those with him prisoner as Col. Choate, having transformed himself into a monstrous "super-soldier", begins a mission with his fellow monsters.
Marvel Comics Presents#12 Elements of Terror: Glamor 1989/02
Jody Choate and his super-soldiers attack, and Man-Thing returns as a counterforce.
Marvel Comics Presents#29 It Came From Within 1989/10
Quasar story. A Guardians of the Galaxy villain known as Quagmire comes through the Nexus via Man-Thing's body.
The Legion of Night#1 Messenger from the Dead 1991/10
A group of monsters try to save the world from evil.
The Legion of Night#2 Messenger from the Dead Part II 1991/10/1
A group of monsters try to save the world from evil.
The Incredible Hulk#389 Of Man and Man-Thing 1992/01
The Hulk discovers that someone has been trying to reformulate the serum and turned themselves into the Glob. Man-Thing, The Hulk and the Glob battle in the swamp.
Quasar#50 Horizon Of Holes 1993/09
The Living Tribunal at the Cosmic Axis have to reassert their power in the face of a challenger. Each chooses a champion, and one chooses Man-Thing.
Nomadv2 #21 Choices of the Insane 1994/01
Blaze#1 1994/09
Blaze runs into the Man-Thing at the end of the comic.
Blaze#2 Swamp Fire 1994/09
Blaze runs into Man-Thing and finds a lead in his search for his children.
Marvel Comics Presents#164 Behold the Man Pt 1 of 4 1994/10
Retells Origin and leads into new story
Marvel Comics Presents#165 Behold the Man Pt 2 of 4 1994/10/02
Retelling of Origin and leads into new story.
Marvel Comics Presents#166 Behold the Man Pt 3 of 4 1994/10/02
Retelling of Origin and leads into a new story.
Marvel Comics Presents#167 Behold the Man Pt 3 of 4 1994/11/
retelling of Origin leading into a new story
Midnight Sons Unlimited#8 A Kynd of Magick 1995/01
An large spaceship lands in the swamp and starts kidnapping creatures. Man-thing is the first victim.
The Incredible Hulk#427 Six Months Later... 1995/03
Man-Thing observes a child molester kidnapping his victims.
The Incredible Hulk#428 Swamped 1995/04
The Hulks anger at a child molester attracts the attention of Man-Thing and a fight ensues.
The Adventures of the X-men#11 Tower of despair 1997/02
Jean Grey and Storm meet Man-Thing and D'Spayr
The Adventures of the X-Men / The Adventures of Spider-Man #11 Tower of Despair 1997/02
Flip-book with two comics.
Generation X#25 Suffer the Children 1997/03
Howard, Artie, Leech, Franklin and Tana Nile get attacked by Black Tom and are saved by the Man-Thing who teleports them away. (see Day Dreamers)
Daydreamers#1 Once Upon a Time... 1997/08
Man-Thing looks after a group of Children - Howard, Artie, Leech, Franklin and Tana Nile. Series Info
Daydreamers#2 Across the Universe 1997/09
Man-Thing looks after a group of children - Howard, Artie, Leech, Franklin and Tana Nile
Daydreamers#3 Dark Eyes 1997/10
Man-Thing looks after a group of children - Howard, Artie, Leech, Franklin and Tana Nile
Heroes Reborn: the Return#1 The Judgment 1997/12
Franklin Richards somehow created the Heroes Reborn universe where those killed by Onslaught were transported to. Man-Thing has been looking after him, and is involved in the heroes' return.
Man-Thingv3 #1 Shame 1997/12
Problems with the "nexus". Series info
Marvel Team-Upv2 #4 Suspended Sentience 1997/12
Spider-Man finally finds the Authority, but their confrontation is forestalled by a crisis involving the Man-Thing
Man-Thingv3 #2 The Journey 1998/01
Ellen Brandt must confront her role in Man-Things' creation.
Man-Thingv3 #3 Christmas in Bedlam 1998/02
Man-Thing and Ellen embark on the first leg of their quest to save reality, seeking out the former Defender Devil-Slayer.
Man-Thingv3 #4 Silent Night 1998/03
Man-Thing and Ellen try to reach through Devil-Slayer's insanity.
Man-Thingv3 #5 The Empty House 1998/04
To save the future Man-Thing and Ellen find that they have to return to their past.
Shadows and Light#2 So Near 1998/04
Man-Thing visits the Louisiana bayou
Man-Thingv3 #6 The Duck and the Muck 1998/05
Man-Thing and Ellen uncovered a shattering secret from their past-and now face the nihilistic Cult of Entropy, who plan to kill Howard the Duck.
Man-Thingv3 #7 In the Waters of Eternity 1998/06
The Man-Thing has pursued Ellen Brandt to the sunken city of Atlantis - their mission: to reintegrate another fragment of the shattered Nexus of All Realities.
Man-Thingv3 #8 In the Waters of Eternity 1998/07
An ancient Atlantean god transforms the mindless muck-monster back into his human form of scientist Ted Sallis, but Man-Thing is needed to protect the Nexus.
Strange Tales#1 Destroyer Of Worlds 1998/09
The muck monster collides with The Silver Surfer. Series info
Strange Tales#2 The End Of All Things! (The Book Of Job Part 1) 1998/10
All of the fragments of the shattered Nexus of All Realities have been gathered and the players have assembled in the Florida swamps for the final act.
Peter Parker: Spiderman Annual Song of the Man-Thing 1999
The end of Strange Tales storyline. Ellen and Ted Sallis merge with the Nexus and the soul of the first man. Man-thing is now silvery-white and speaks. Spider-Man must help the Man-Thing to save the Nexus Of All Realities, and defeat the true Scrier.
Hulk#6 New Lives for Old 1999/09
The new Silvery-white Man-Thing watches over this reality and a more traditional Man-Thing has been born from the swamp.
Hulk#7 Trouble in Paradise 1999/09
The Avengers arrive in Florida to subdue the Hulk with Man-Thing involved.
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up#10 Man-Thing and Spider-Man 2002/01
Biologist Curt Conners transforms himself into the lethal Lizard! Spider-Man tries to track him down in the sewers, watched over by the Man-Thing.
Exiles#8 A World Apart Pt. 1 2002/03
Man-Thing appeared (?) as a enslaved gladiator in a Skrull-dominated alternate Earth, was freed, and then joined in a massive battle against Terrax and Galactus in the 3-part story.
Exiles#9 A World Apart Pt. 2 2002/04
Man-Thing appeared (?) as a enslaved gladiator in a Skrull-dominated alternate Earth, was freed, and then joined in a massive battle against Terrax and Galactus in the 3-part story.
Exiles#10 A World Apart Pt. 3 2002/05
Man-Thing appeared (?) as a enslaved gladiator in a Skrull-dominated alternate Earth, was freed, and then joined in a massive battle against Terrax and Galactus in the 3-part story.
Marvel Knights Double Shot#2 Memories of Green 2002/07
The monstrous Man-Thing faces a coldly deadly experiment of distilled emotions.
Man-Thingv4 #1 Whatever Knows Fear pt1 2004/09
An insurance investigator comes to look into some damage to a swamp construction site. Series info...
Man-Thingv4 #2 Whatever Knows Fear pt2 2004/10
Sinister events continue to mount in the creepy town of Bywater.
Man-Thingv4 #3 Whatever Knows Fear pt3 2004/11
The investigator thinks he knows what is going on, but will anyone believe him?
Unpublished Graphic Novel 2005/?
Rumoured to still be in progress.

Alternate Universe Appearances

Any appearance of the Man-Thing that is not part of the Marvel Universe "real-time". This includes all "What If..." stories and parodies.

What If?#26 What If Man-Thing Regained Ted Sallis' Brain? 1981/04
Imaginary story where Man-Thing Regains Ted Sallis' brain.
Cerebus#24 This Woman, This Thing 1981/?
Claremont creates Woman-Thing, a large shambling green monster who burned people to death if they showed any fear.
Cerebus#25 This Woman, This Thing 1981/?
Claremont creates Woman-Thing, a large shambling green monster who burned people to death if they showed any fear.
What The-?!#6 Adventure Into Boredom^h^h^h^h^h^h^hFear 1990/01
Man-Thang meets Swamp Thang, who is suffering the effects of too many tubers.
What If?v2 #11 What If The Fantastic Four the Same Super Powers 1990/03
What if all the FF became stretchy beings. What if they all became invisible. What if they all became fire beings and what if they all became monsters. In that story Susan Storm becomes the Women-Thing
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew#4 His Name is Mudd! 1992/06
Beavis and Butt-Head#3 Parody and recap 1994/03
B and B review Giant-Size Man-Thing, but the plot looks to me to be Fear-Adventure into #16
Bat-Thing#1 Someone to Watch over Me 1997/06
Man-Thing combined with Man Bat
Mutant X 1999 Annual A World Gone Mad! 1999/05
SHIELD goes to Florida to find the nexus of all realities, which Dr. Strange, who is this universe's Man-Thing is guarding.
Mutant X 2001 Annual The Key 2001
Dr. Strange, who is this universe's Man-Thing, helps the X-Men try and defeat the Beyonder.
Marvel Kinghts 2001 Millennial Visions#1 Shattered nexus 2001/02
Futuristic one-page story in which the Nexus of All Realities goes crazy.
Mutant X#32 The End 2001/06
Dr. Strange, who is this universe's Man-Thing, battles alongside a variety of heroes as the Beyonder attempts to gain control of the Nexus of All Realities.
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#18 2006-08-02
yet another guest appearance where Spider-man turns up in the swamp and crosses paths with the main man-thing. Is Peter David the writer who can give us one that isn't the usual cameo yawn-fest?

Background and Biographical Data

These comics and magazines provide backgrounds or summaries of Man-Thing material.

Comic Book Artist#6 Interview 2000/Fall
Cover Appearance and a few mentions in an interview with artist Frank Brunner regarding his Marvel work.
Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe 2005#1 2005-08-31

Minor Appearances

In this list, the Man-Thing makes an appearance in "Marvel Universe real-time", but is not a primary contributor to the storyline.

Astonishing Tales#15 And Who Will Call Him Savage? 1972/12
1 panel
Avengers#118 To the Death 1973/12
1 panel
Howard the Duck#16 Pin-ups? 1977/09
Two Illustrations
Howard the Duck#24 Where Do You Go.. What Do You Do.. The Night after You Save the Universe? 1978/05
3 panels
Howard the Duck#32 Going Underground 1979?
1 Panel Flashback
Fun And Games Magazine#12 Slime-Rhyme, Crime-Rhyme 1980/08
1 page
Howard the Duck Magazine#6 Duckworld 1980/08
Appears while Howard and Bev visit Duckworld, cameo leading into the story in #7.
Howard the Duck Magazine#7 Of Dice and Ducks! 1980/09
Guest Appearance
What If?v2 #1 What If the Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War? 1980/?
Splash page with Man-Thing in a group of superheroes gathered in a large room.
Defenders#97 Slouching Toward Bethlehem 1981/07
Guest appearance of a possessed Man-Thing
Marvel Fanfare#11 1983/11
Pin up by Bob Wiacek
Swamp-Thingv2 #33 Abandoned Houses 1985/03
No Man-thing. Where House of Secrets caretaker Abel explains why there are so many different swamp creatures
Swamp Thingv2 #47 The Parliament of Trees 1986/04
Man-Thing as a Member of the Parliament of Trees?
Swamp-Thingv2 #65 (We Could Be) Diving for Pearls 1987/10
In joke with Man-Thing as a Member of the Parliament of Trees.
Marvel Fanfare#37 Pin-Up 1988/04
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#32 A Gathering of Fear, Part 2 1991/08
Iron Man#275 Dragon Doom 1991/12
One panel cameo in the the last chapter of The Dragon Seed Saga, which leads into The Legion of Night mini-series
Quasar#31 Brave New Universe 1992/02
4 panels
Fantastic Four Roast#1 When Titans Chuckle! 1992/05
Several panels with Man-Thing and Howard in attendance together
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#61 Siege of Darkness, Part 1 1994/01
1 panel
Fantastic Four Unlimited#7 The Shape Of Things That Came 1994/09
Lee-Kirby monster fest with Man-Thing
Marvels: Portraits of a Universe#4 Pin-up 1995/06
(Pinups - no story)
Marvel Team-Up#1 Goldern Child 2004/11/03
Part of group on cover illustration
Marvel/Ultraverse Battlezones#1? Pin-Up 1996/03/27
Iron Man#327 Frostbite! 1996/04
The Adventures of the X-Men / The Adventures of Spider-Man #12 Better to Light a Small Candle 1997/03
2 Panels
Savage Dragon#41 1997/09
Appearance as guest at the wedding of Barbaric and Ricochet.
Hulk#4 Turbulence 1999/07
Cameo - Three page appearance with Kad'mon leaving Man-Thing
X-Force#100 Dark Cathedral 2000/03
Planetary / JLA: Terra Occulta#1 2002/11
Might actually be a miss-naming of Swamp Thing?
Marvel Universe: The End#1 Predestination 2003/05
Part of group on cover.
Marvel Universe: The End#5 Omnipotence 2003/07
Appears in the climax of this issue.
Marvel Universe: The End#6 The Cure 2003/08
Man-Thing was one of hundreds to battle Thanos.
Ultimate Fantastic Four#7 Doom: Part 1 2004/06
Cameo - Man-Thing appears in a couple of panels as some characters are caught in a strange ray.
Marvel Team Up#1 2004-11-03
Cameo - cover only
Nightcrawler#9 The Winding Way Pt 3 2005-08
cameo role as a rampaging "mind-controlled" monster.
Nightcrawler#10 The Winding Way Pt 4 2005-09
cameo role as a rampaging "mind-controlled" monster.
Wha..Huh!? 2005-09
Cameo - Cover only

Recaps and Reprints

Any story where the only Man-Thing appearance is a reproduction, in whole or in part, of a previously published story, as well as previews.

Astonishing Tales#18 Gog Cometh 1973/06
1 panel recap astonishing tales #12
Monsters Unleashed Magazine#3 The Origin of the Man-Thing 1973/11
Material from SAVAGE TALES #1 (May 1971)
The Man-Thing Book and Record#PR16 Night of the Laughing Dead 1974 ?
Heavily altered reprint with Soundtrack record
Iron Man#73 Turnabout: A Most Foul Play! 1975/03
1 panel recap of Giant Size Man-Thing #2
Daredevil#140 Death Times Two 1976/12
A flashback to issues 113-115
Marvel Treasurey Edition#12 The Way It All Began! 1977/06
Built out of the panels in Fear #19 and Man-Thing #1 that relate directly to Howard the Duck, with new narration.
The Savage She-Hulk#7 ? 1980/08
Man-Thing shown in flashback walking with Richard Rory when he recaps the La Hacienda / Fountain of Youth stories from Man-Thing vol. 1 #7-8
Defenders#99 The Final Conflict 1981/09
1 panel recap
The Man-ThingvAus #8 Battle for the Palace of the Gods; Nowhere to go but Down; Day of the Killer; Night of the Fool 1982/01
Australian B/W editions
Marvel Age#65 Marvel Comic Presents 1988/09
Preview for Marvel Comics Presents
Marvel Age#1 Marvel Fanfare #9 1990/06
Preview of Marvel Fanfare #9
Adventures of the Thing#4 Only the Swamp Survives 1992/07
Reprints Marvel two-in-one #77
Book of the Dead#1 Man-Thing 1993/12
Origin of Man-Thing from Savage Tales #1 Series Info
Book of the Dead#2 Man-Thing! 1994/01
Second story from Fear #10 October 1972 (First Colour)
Book of the Dead#3 No Choice of Colors! 1994/02
Fear #12 story.
Book of the Dead#4 Dance to the Murder 1994/03
Spider-Man: The Parker Years#1 The Parker Years 1995/11
1 panel, recap Marvel Team-up #68
Man-Thing: Whatever Knows Fear 2005-04
Collects Man Thing Vol 3, #1-3 plus Savage tales#1, the creature's first appearance, and Adventure into Fear#16, the story that inspired the movie!
Marvel Milestones#8 Blade, Man-Thing & Santana 2005-10-12
Reprints Fear#16 - Cry of the Native
Essential Spider-Manv7 2005-10-12
Includes a reprinting of Giant-Size Spider-Man #5

If you know of any other appearances of the Man-Thing in the Marvel Universe, please e-mail with the comic title, volume and issue number, and publication month and year. Thank you!