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The Governor Title cardThe Television One/NFU series The Governor is "Six spectacular self contained films for television based on the life and times of Sir George Grey - one time Governor of Australia and South Africa, and the man who became the most powerful force in the making of 19th century New Zealand. At the age of 28, Captain George Grey was handed the Governorship of New Zealand - a beautiful but lawless land, inhabited by natives given to cannibalism. The few Europeans who had dared to settle were struggling to survive. The story of a man of ambition who was given power, which hadn't been known since the days of the Roman Empire." - National Film Library Catalogue

The 6-part series The Governor won the 1978 Feltex Award for Best Drama
Episode 4: He Iwi Tahi Tatou (Now We Are One People) won the 1978 Feltex Award for Best Script.

The show had its own TV Tie-in novelization, with a cover that makes it look like a Mills and Boon production.

1.1 - The Reverend Traitor

The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi has not brought order to the new colony - warriors like Hone Heke and Te Rauparaha are in open rebellion against the Crown. For the missionaries too, the future is uncertain. They have worked for 20 years to gain control of New Zealand but their grip is loosening. At the age of 28. George Grey is made Governor of this beautiful but chaotic and lawless land. He has power, the like of which hasn't been seen since the days of the Roman Empire, and he intends to use it.

The Governor - The Reverend Traitor (Episode One)

Sir George Grey: Corin Redgrave
Hone Heke: George Henare
Henry Williams: Grant Tilly
Te Rauparaha: Tamahina Tinirau
Lady Eliza Grey: Judy Cleine
Bishop Selwyn: Auton Lowe
Marianne Williams: Anne Flannery
Featuring: John Cronin, Robert Gould, Jim Haami, Roy Hope, Paraire Huata, Bill Johnson, Ivin Kiripatea, Kim Priest, Peter Sakey, David Skinner, te Whatanui Skipworth, Emie Stanley, John Tahu, Sef Townsend, Napi Waaka, Celia West, Lawrence McDonald, Waihoroi Shortland

Director/producer: Tony Isaac
Executive producers: Michael Scott-Smith, Tom Williamson
Series written by: Keith Aberdein
Based on stories by: Michael Anthony Noonan
Editor: Jamie Selkirk
Supervisor: Simon Reece
Assistant editor: Mike Bennett
Lighting cameraman: Kell Fowler
Camera operator: Bayley Watson
Process camera: Jack Mills B.S.C
Camera assistants: Mike Fuller, Forrest Smyth
Music: Ross Harris
Sound: Kit Rollings, Geoff Shepherd
Production designer: Warren Sellers
Art director: Ron Highfield
Assistant director: Leslo Hansen
Second assistant director: Heather Lundy
Unit manager: Tony Straw
Location manager: Kerry Loe
Props: Nick Hilligoss, Paul Finlay, Richard Walsh
Dressers: Paul Wilson, Olga hall, Bob Maysmor, Rex Pekin
Make-up supervisor: Di Lofthouse
Make-up artists: Patricia Cohen, Helen Dyson, Lesley Vanderwalt
Costume designer: Rohanna Hawthorne
Wardrobe mistress: Joan Grimmond
Wardrobe assistants: Andrea Burns, Christine Bait
Maori advisors: Moana Raureti, Tupi Puriri
Translations: Jim Pou, Koro Dewes
Military adviser: Brian Wilson
Moko artists: Napi Waaka, Eruera Nia
Liaison: Don Selwyn
Carving: Para Matchitt
Production manager: Rosalie Purchase
Transport: Roger Johnston
Electrics: Pav Govind, Duan Fakan, Colin Hainsworth
Grips: Bob Curtice, Harry Slowey
Stunts: Gerry Popov
Set decoration: Dean Cato, Robin Outterside
Special effects: Bob Duggan, Mitch Lovett, Johnny Morris

1.4 - He Iwi Tahi Tatou (Now We Are One People)

The Governor - He Iwi Ko Tahi Tatou (Episode Four)

 Wiremu Tamihana opposed war with the Pakeha and believed that the cause of Maori nationalism would not be helped by armed conflict. He tried to forestall clashes between Maori militants like Rewi Maniapoto and the settlers over land disputes. Many Maori believed they should have their own king and accepted Potatau, but Governor Grey opposed this. Lack of agreement over the Waitara brought war in Taranaki in 1860 and in 1863 British troops invaded the Waikato.

This Episode won the 1978 Feltex Award for Best Script. 

1.5 The Lame Seagull

The Governor - The Lame Seagull (Episode Five)

For more information check out Film Archive NZ Feature Project: The Governor - a good page that outlines some of the controversy surrounding the series production.

A great making of documentary is also available to watch at nzonscreen