Having moved from being on my own without a television into a flat with TV, video and various other forms of mediated experience, I have to make a real effort not to sit down to watch the news and end up wasting the whole evening. Instead I surf the net looking for information about TV. Looking at the links I've collected I'm surprised how much of a nostalgia trip TV is. Most of the recent stuff just doesn't have the appeal as the stuff I remember from my childhood. Maybe that means I'm getting old.
Cream TV

Do you fondly remember your teenage years, hours spent watching the television? Well, if life hasn't got much more exciting than that, then this web site is for you. Go for a marathon down memory lane with reminders of such classics as Vegas, Upstairs Downstairs, Angels, Playaway, Vision On.................

Better than he was before, better, stronger, faster I've got a blow-out in damper three!... Get your pitch to zero. Pitch is out! I can't hold altitude! Correction, Alpha Hold is off... Turn selectors... Emergency! Flight Com! I can't hold it! She's breaking up, she's break-

The opening credit sequence from this show is a perfect piece of television. Direct and exciting, it gives you all you need to know about the show and the editing and effects used couldn't be bettered by all the efforts of George Lucas and ILM. Watching the show a few years ago I was also impressed by how well most of the shows were put together.

Turtle's Progress. When you last met the villainous heroes of this show, Turtle and Razor Eddie were still delving into safe deposit boxes they'd accidentally stolen from another gang of thieves. On my web page dedicated to this show you can find out how they went about building a life modelled on the average Fulham property owner - but meeting some unique problems. As Turtle said, It's not all rosebuds learning to be a capitalist.
The Sweeney"Right Lad, you're nicked!!!" Hard hitting in all senses of the word, this British TV series is one to be remembered from back before PC even had one meaning let alone two.

General Information Sites

Classic Television Magazine Welcome page

The home of Ed the Sock, New Music and lots more interesting Canadian programming

Ultimate TV -- Your Source for Everything Television
That's their PR, what do you think?

Kiddstoys.com for TV/Film toys

Nostalgia Central
I remember when.....

Misc Links

My Video and DVD collection


The Sandbaggers


The British Archive Television Forum

The Avengers

"Mrs Peel, we're needed" a great example of classic British Television. Action and humour combined in a stylish mix that captures the 60's. Emma Peel, well, what can you say, a mathematician who can karate chop with the best of them, portrayed by one of the most beautiful women I can think of. This program has no expiry date. If you love all the books, annuals and stuff there is a place for you. The film starring Urma Thurman as Mrs Peel and Ralph Fiennes as John Steed had a lot to live up to but didn't quite make it. Still, it was good fun

The Prisoner: Six of One I am Not a Number, I am a Free Man. Links to most of the sites about this enigmatic show. The Invaders Decades before that Johnny-come-lately, Fox Mulder came on the scene, David Vincent was trying to warn us about them. We should have listened. U.F.O. We really are lucky that Ed Striker listened, if he hadn't created SHADO, those aliens would have stolen all our body parts, and that would have made our great efforts to develop these shiny mesh body-suits and bright purple wigs seem a bit of a waste of time. Check out Fanderson Links for some great Gerry Anderson related sites.

An unwilling foot soldier in the world of espionage, Callan didn't like where he was but couldn't find a way out. This show was a gripping thriller that emphasised the psychological aspects of spy craft, but could dish out the violence if required.

Ned & Stacey. A great US comedy series with the wittiest lines and the best dressed man on TV. Unfortunately it only got two seasons, but it will be missed.
The Professionals

Would you trust two lads who drive a Ford Capri and wear flares to protect your country from terrorism and crime. The Brit's did.

The West Wing This show mixes political trivia, policy issues and humour in just the right mix, but they are a very self satisfied bunch aren't they!

Ed the Sock

Beaming in from Canada comes a cross between hard hitting interviews and a home-made porno film.

Sapphire and Steel

Time is a vicious creature, trying to control events rather than be a passive medium in this spooky show. Joanna Lumley and David McCallum do their best to fight it.


A firm favourite of mine from childhood, this was a very well put together show, with scripts that had heart, martial arts and daft pseudo philosophy. Sure hope it gets repeated sometime.

In the early 1980s American Mini-Series were the big thing. Everyone remembers Shogun and Roots, but what about World War III?

Space 1999

Last time I looked the moon was still in orbit up in the sky, but just imagine....

Watch It!! Do you think kids TV these days is violent and cynical, all special effects and no soul? Well then, visit this site and revive memories of the kids shows of yesteryear, classics such as Basil Brush, Finger Mouse, The Magic Roundabout and realise just how sad and boring childhood used to be before mindless violence.

All events are shown in real time This has been the worst two days in Jacks life, but they sure are exciting to watch. Shame he has a daughter who attracts killers like our mailboxes attract spam. I'm hoping the President survives the attack, things looked bad at the end of the last season. I suggest they go easy on Jack next time; send him on holiday somewhere nice and peaceful where his daughter can't reach him by phone.
Boom Boom

Basil Brush returns

Blake's Seven

Sci-Fi with a bunch of criminals and a really nasty vamp for an arch enemy. Classic!

Six Feet Under

Such a strange series this. It started out being quite revolutionary in its look at how death effects life, with a wonderful mix of characters. Now (end of series three) it has become a soap opera. The characters are still the most watchable on TV at the moment, but there has been a sense of marking time in this series, and it was only in the last few episodes that things started to warm up.

Sam and his Magic Ball

Forget Jamie and his naff torch, Sam's got the real magic!

Being a fan of the grim and gritty style of British spy series, I've collected small listing of some of my favourites

Good Night KiwiSo many sites about international television, but what about our stories, our songs, our selves? Check out descriptions and links relating to New Zealand shows in the Kiwi TV site

After reading the novel The Marksman by Hugh C. Rae I was keen to see the series.