Ed the Sock in New Zealand

If you don't have anything good to say, say it often!

Ed the Sock is co-host of Ed's Night Party, a talk show from the Canadian City TV cable channel in Toronto, Canada. Amongest the muck and mire of talk shows the direct, rude style of Ed matched with the more polite approach of his co-host Craig Campbell make for a refreshing change. No sycophantic interviews here, Ed asks the questions we all want to ask, and Craig plays the good cop (but can stick the knife in if he wants) and if the guest don't like it, tough.

From the start Ed was in trouble, with complaints to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council about promos such as:

Star Trek Uniform and Where's the beer

Ed's Night Party is show down here in New Zealand on TV4. The station started broadcasting in 29 June1997 and is aimed at a youth audience with lots of alternative comedy, sci-fi Tuesday, Brit Comedy Wednesday, Baywatch, MuchMusic, Southpark etc.

Here is what the magazine The Listener, had to say about Ed:

TV Highlights June 28 1997

Canadian showbiz-talkback with the production values of a home-made porn flick, hosted by a crabby, abusive, cigar smoking, misogynistic sock. We have no idea if Ed is just a rudimentary phallic gimmick or a genuinely funny fellow. See and decide.

Feel free to have a look around the site and find out more about Ed.