Comics: A Medium, Not a Genre

Early Interests

Sunday mornings spent going through my pile of Donald Duck comics taught me to read and the work of Keith Giffen on Justice League International got me back into the comic reading habit. After a while I started noticing local comics. These small, photocopied A5 things are done on a small scale but they are just as good, if not better than most of the imported stuff. I started collecting and eventually producing them myself. On this page you will find information about local and international comics that I enjoy as well as links to some useful information sources.

Comics Career

Since retiring as the longest serving editor of the New Zealand anthology Funtime Comics Presents, I've been spending time on my new allotment growing corn and potatoes.

However, I remain involved in the comics community throughmy editorship of the Small Press section of Comics Bulletin, and my contribution of the occasional interview and review regarding mainstream comics.

I have written articles on New Zealand comics for Comic Edge, Comic Quarterly, Stripschrift, Comics Australia and various other magazines and web sites; as well as maintaining fan sites for the comic characters and creators listed here. I put John Weeks' everyone can do comics philosophy to the harshest test possible in his own mini comic, Mopy

My proudest moment in comics was when I caught a fly ball in the outfield during the 1999 Small Press Expo versus Diamond Distributors softball game.

Keith Giffen: Bite me Fan Boy

From his well received work on the Legion of Super Heroes to the present day, this immensely talented writer/artist has blazed a path through mainstream comics. Find out more about the man and the comics he has worked on at my site.


Once, he was a man, a chemist named Ted Sallis, until a top-secret experiment went awry... and he changed, The serum that was to have made him a super-soldier combined with strange forces in the shadow-haunted swamp to turn him into a shambling, mindless mockery of his former self... part man, part monster! Witness his chronicles, if you dare!

Antonio The home of Antonio Tregnaghi (alias GNAGO) on the web. Lots of cool illustrations, comics and pictures of his family.

SBC small press links
All the links that used to be here regarding small press comics have been incorporated in the Comics Bulletin links database where it is easier for me to check for dead links, people can add their own, and I don't have to remember to co-ordinate the two different links pages.

Jonah Hex

Ah could just kick muhself fer bein' so all-fired stupid as tuh let Hex an' his pals get away from me like thet! Here ah had 'em practically right in muh browser window....

New Zealand Comics

My collection of New Zealand Comics has grown to the stage that I have started buying comics, then finding I already own a copy. So I decided it was time to do the cataloguing thing, and in the process figure out how my database program works. The next logical step was to convert it to HTML for you all to enjoy. It lists artist, writers and other details for over 300 New Zealand Comics.