Once, he was a man, a chemist named Ted Sallis, until a top-secret experiment went awry...and he changed. The serum that was to have made him a super-soldier combined with strange forces in the shadow-haunted swamp to turn him into a shambling, mindless mockery of his former self...part man, part monster!

Welcome to the Man-Thing Web-Thing. One of the first comics I can remember reading was Fear # 16, where the Man-Thing becomes involved in a dispute between a tribe of Native American Indians and some property developers who want to reclaim the swamp. Ecologists verse big business, a popular theme today but not so common in the early seventies. Back then it wasn't the well executed story line that attracted my attention so much as the Man-Thing itself, a silent witness feeding off the emotions of the other characters, delivering a wounded Native American to a Doctor, being run over by a bulldozer and emerging from the ground to cast a fiery judgement on a red-neck construction worker, for whoever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch!!!!

Since then I have picked up the occasional Man-Thing guest appearance and back issues of most of the Man-Thing comics, along with a few of the other Muck-Monster titles. Reading the first issue of the 1997 Man-Thing series gave me the motivation to start work developing these pages, where you will find newsof upcoming appearances of the Man-Thing character along with bibliographies cataloguing his publication history, links, as well as information on the Man-Thing movie. I've also collected together information on other muck monsters in a range of mediums. Hope you find it of interest.

My recommendations

A visitor to the page asked I'm extremely curious about the character and I plan to buy some comics chronicling his adventures; what would you recommend me?

Anything written by Steve Gerber is essential reading. I strongly recommend the Fear (Adventure into...) series plus the first volume of Man-Thing, so the Essential Man-Thing trade-paperback fits the bill for those on a budget, or to get everything Gerber did with the character, including Marvel Comics Presents (#1-12), try Man-Thing by Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 to 3.

Do you have favorites?


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