From the New Zealand TV Weekly. December 5, 1966


Surprised that nobody talked television with the senior Mirisch brother, of independent movie fame, while he was in Auckland. One of the Mirisch shows, The Rat Patrol, has been the lone big hit of the American season. Others for which he has been responsible are Hi Landlord, a couple of episodes of which were run off for TV Weekly, It's About Time and Super Six, a cartoon series. What about his delightful Pink Panther? He'll come along to television... sometime! . Studios have been running to capacity of late, with Revue '66, pilot programmes, election material, gardening, children's shows and so forth. Makes a nice change... Anne and Jimmy Murphy definitely booked to come over for a Revue 66 segment. .... Final negotiations just about made (at time of writing) for a prominent dance duo to appear..... Kevan Moore fairly happy with his C'mon! pilot, and off back to Wellington. .... Odd that Maori entertainer Rickey May seems better known on TV abroad than here. After success in Australia, he was back for a brief holiday before setting out on a 26-week tour of the Playboy clubs in the States. He pre-recorded a quantity of TV material in Sydney..... Election material failed to turn up any star performers. However, discreet training given to people in all parties certainly helped with the candidates' images. Too bad the P.M. always has to appear so patronisingly fulsome.


Some familiar faces were turning up in their old NZBC haunts in Wellington, after travel abroad. Paul Cheesewright was back in public affairs at head office, following a not very fruitful trip to Britain. Chris Bennett, who went off to South Africa earlier this year, rejoined the announcing and news reading staff. John Shrapnel who had broadened his experience overseas returned to the newsroom..... Meanwhile some anchormen in the head office newsroom had gained promotion to new jobs. Eddie Harris, who regularly appeared on NZBC Reports as a very effective interviewer, moved over to the district newsroom to be deputy to Bruce Crossan. Phil de Montigni went to Auckland on promotion. .... Wild rumour flashing round the corridors is that the growing popularity of working for such programmes as Town and Around on contract, or as a producer on contract (said to be much more rewarding than on salary), may diminish over the next few months. The word apparently is that contracts in many cases will be allowed quietly to lapse... Some preliminary work has already been done on filling the extra hours to start April 1. Seems that Monday afternoon will kick off with a movie, Tuesday with My Mother the Car (featuring Dick Van Dyke's brother Jerry), Wednesday a Western, Thursday a drama, Friday a repeat of some major programme like The Planemakers. Programmes will also include regular women's sessions, documentaries, several light: comedies, and repeats of shows like Let's Sing


Local advertising man handling some big accounts believes national advertisers and their agencies will be taking a long, critical look at their projected plans for the coming trading year, following news that commercial time charges will rocket 25 to 30 per cent with extended viewing time from April 1, 1967. NZBC circular on the subject states: The wide audience growth is reflected in the commercial rate for winter 1967, now introduced. The spread of audience through the Dominion reveals a 67.8 saturation as at September 30, and is continually increasing. And so are the costs!... CHTV3 sports team showed off-course punters just where their money went (pace by pace) right smartly after the New Zealand Trotting Cup in a special spot that cut short Town and Around a few hours after the race.... Incidentally Town and Around ranked only third in the last local viewer ratings, Admittedly, it had tough competition with Danger Man in first spot and Steptoe and Son next. Seems Channel 3 viewers like to be entertained rather than informed, for NZBC Reports ran further comment on the average local viewing taste: Apparently the liquid-filled Dean Martin image grates a bit in this C of E settlement, whereas the you-know-what humour of Steptoe appeals. Dino ranked only seventh spot in the ratings..... There's promise of some brighter fare for Channel 3 viewers. Upcoming, a Charlie Chaplin film ser- ies including The Tramp, which is a burlesque on Carmen, and Gold Rush. .... Another treat Run for Your Life, starring Ben Gazzara of Arrest and Trial fame.


New boy on the set!—young Bradley Junior, first son, second child for the Nat Bradley's. Nat's Technical Producer at DNTV2..... By now Alison Holst may well be a momma for the second time, but when we last talked to her she was still infanticipating, and very much so—which conjured up a most sacrificial maternal picture when she concluded our phone conversation with the news that she was about to have lunch with daughter Kirsten—in the confines of a blanket- topped table serving as a tent! .... Philip Smithells is a well-known guest figure on local TV, but now Mrs S. has entered the field too. Her recent appearance on Kaleidoscope with skinks and things was commendably natural and informative. .... Doug MacCammon of TV presentation recently acquired his "wings" at the Otago Aero Club, and is flying high with delight. .... This month announcer Noel Robson celebrates his fiftieth birthday, and New Zealand TV Weekly wishes him many happies. Noel has had years and years more experience behind the mike than anyone else down this way, but he never adopts an "I KNOW, because I've been there before" superiority, and he is one of the most popular figures in broadcasting, both with colleagues and public. To you, Noel!

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