Anthology series of one off half-hour comedies.

Queenie And Pete (27/6/1998)
The adventures of two modern day Robin Hoods; a Maori solo mother and a young dispossessed pakeha who form an unlikely and uneasy partnership.
Director: John Banas
Writer: David Geary
Writer: Briar Grace-smith
Writer: Peter Tait
Producer: Richard Riddiford
Executive Producer: Ginette Mcdonald

Double Booking (04/07/1998)
A man reluctantly celebrating his stag night and a woman who is less than happy to be attending her hen's party, who meet by accident at a restaurant and are inexplicably attracted to each other.
Director: Mark Beesley
Writer: James Griffin
Executive Producer: John Barnett
Executive Producer: Sean Rundle
Executive Producer: Rachel Lang
Producer: Tanya Stiles

One Man's Poison (11/07/1998)
Two small time crooks find themselves in over their heads when they become involved with an Asian triad and a plan to poison an All Black.
Director: Dave Gibson
Writer: Warren Friend
Writer: Ken Duncum
Executive Producer: Ginette Mcdonald
Producer: Chris Ellis
Producer: Dave Gibson

Flatmates (18/07/1998)
A group of 20 somethings sharing a flat.
Director: Michael Robinson
Writer: Lori Dungey
Writer: Michael Robinson
Writer: Jim Mclarty
Writer: Cal Wilson
Executive Producer: Ginette Macdonald
Producer: Tom Parkinson

Charity Queens (25/07/1998)
A New Zealand society woman whose love of charity fundraising and a champagne life-style is disrupted by her inability to pay her latest round of bills, her light fingered lush of a daughter-in-law and her youngest son's penchant for wearing her make-up.
Director: Chris Bailey
Writer: Judy Callingham
Writer: Janice Finn
Executive Producer: Ginette Mcdonald
Producer: Janice Finn


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