The Heartes haven't found retirement easy. In fact, looking at Pop Hearte, one's inclined to wonder if they will ever really retire. And after Don's retirement from the newspaper, Madeleine became increasingly concerned about him. She was secretly relieved when she heard he was interested in investing in the local giveaway newspaper.

Don bought most of the shares in the paper and took over as editor. Pete, homeless once again after Mrs F bought a house in Paraparaumu, was given the job of caretaker, and a free flat.

Business was hardly booming at the paper, but after a power struggle with right-wing journalist Winston Swift, it settled down. Hopefully it: will be a success.

Stephanie arrived for a visit with Alice and her husband, Jake Stone, an American professor of economics. And Ken was suffering one of his periodic bouts of homesickness. Eventually, but not without difficulty he persuaded Dot to sell up and go to live in Wales. But after a trip to the Marlborough Sounds they decided to move there instead.

Anne's baby, a boy, was born at the beginning of the year. Choosing his name took a little while. The arrival of Anne's mother caused a certain amount of strain, but then little James and Anne settled back into the flat with Gayle.

Gayle was finding university fascinating, but more difficult than she'd imagined. The blossoming of a romance with law student Simon Hunter meant she neglected her studies. Gradually she realised that Simon wasn't really interested in her. Badly hurt, she barely noticed the cheeky young electrician who was rewiring the flats and trying to chat-at her up. For a while, that is. Gavin Houghton has a way of making sure he's noticed.

The Houghton family was very different from any other family that Gayle had known. Jack Houghton, Gavin's father, was quiet and conscientious. Win Houghton was loud, merry and utterly unreliable. And Gavin's sister, Marleen, could be as irritating as any fourteen-year-old.

Gavin's proposal surprised Gayle. It surprised her parents, Derek and Shirley, too, and Derek tried to bribe her out of the marriage by offering her a world trip.

Meanwhile, Anne was becoming interested in a distant cousin, Duncan Chalmers. Duncan was a widower, living with his father, Alistair. They were both solicitors, and their background, of course, was very similar to the one Anne had been trying to forget for years. Gayle was certain Duncan was right for Anne, and did what she could to foster their relationship. In the end, her efforts proved worthwhile. Duncan and Anne married shortly before Gavin and Gayle.


Episode 722 (1982)

Director: Dan Mckirdy

Main Cast:
Anne: Deirdre O'connor
Anthea: Davina Whitehouse
Bernie: Simon O'connor
Det Con Farquharson: Merfyn Owen
Det Sgt Bennett: Kingi Morgan
Don: Tony Currie
Duncan: Ian Marter
Gavin: William Walker
Jack: Maree Mckeefry
James: James Noble
James Abernethy: Des Swain
John: Peter Dennett
Louise: Jacqui Anderson
Madeleine: Dorothy Smith
Marleen: Ruth Paul
Pete: Robin Dene
Roxy Mcgregor: Jane Waddell
Stan: Cliff Wood
Win: Susan Wilson

Remember the the wedding of Gayle Pritchard and Gavin Houghton?

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