Wayne Anderson is no ordinary man.  He's a man with a dream:  A dream to one day break into the music scene and release an album; an album of cover versions of the "evergreens" Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink and Tony Christie.

Wayne Anderson: Singer of Songs tells the story of one forty six year old mans unflinching resolve as he embarks on a quest to educate the New Zealand public as to what good music really is.

Over seven weeks our cameras have had exclusive access to Wayne's life. We were there for the highs; we were there for the lows. We saw Wayne take the journey of a lifetime and give everything to make his fantasy become reality.

We witnessed Wayne's efforts to break out of the rest home circuit and launch a nationwide music tour with his trusty manager, former video store worker, Orlando Stewart backing him every step of the way.

We were with Wayne as he headed to Wellington for the first concert of his tour and a guest spot on The Good Morning Show. We witnessed his triumphant return home and a concert at New Zealand's Premier venue; Sky City.

With his inexperienced but enthusiastic manager Orlando giving his all to see Wayne succeed this is a journey into the very heart of the New Zealand dream. Two men with a cause, two men fighting against public indifference, two men who refuse to give up.

Will they have what it takes to get Wayne the attention he needs? Can they re-ignite the public's interest in the male vocalists of the sixties? Will Wayne finally get to release the album he's laboured to make for over thirty long years?

Find out on Wayne Anderson: Singer of Songs - an unusual and compelling observational reality series that pushes the boundaries of television. It is a cutting edge series that gives voice to one of New Zealand's true eccentrics and celebrates his undying dedication to his art.

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