How did five skinny white boys from the ‘burbs score the biggest USA recording deal ever cut with an unsigned Kiwi band?

From the truth-is-way-cooler-than-fiction file comes the rampant success story that is Steriogram. One minute their credit cards are maxed out and they’re jamming in their parent’s garage, the next they’re all-expenses-paid to LaLaLand to record the album that launches their nationwide American tour. Steriogram were certainly not the first Kiwis to make it big in the US but they are the first to give New Zealand television an all access pass to the beginnings of a brilliant career.

In White Trash to Rock Gods we see the metamorphasis take place, as five unassuming young men from the antipodes are embraced by the global marketing machine. From the big picture, which revolves around the selection of the right producer and the recording of a world class album, to the minutiae of grooming and networking, the boys are in the centre of their own madly manufactured world – and loving it!

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