Hear the incredible stories of the people who built our nation from the ground up. Tonight's focus is road development, from rough early routes to multi-billion dollar motorway projects of today. Making New Zealand tells the incredible stories of the men and women who built our nation from the ground up. At its heart, it is the compelling tale of the blood, guts and glory it has taken to build our major infrastructure projects and communication networks: massive hydroelectric dams and power schemes; railways; roads and bridges; and ports and shipping. The stories acknowledge and celebrate those who took on the big challenges in a raw, remote country, and whose vision, ingenuity and hard work transformed the lives of many and created a modern-day nation. Each episode contains a captivating mix of present–day interviews and visuals, archive footage and stills, historical audio recordings, and enhanced graphics.

S01E01 Roads, May 18, 2014
S01E02 Rail journey, May 25, 2014 P
S01E03 Power industry, June 1, 2014
S01E04 Ships and Ports, June 8, 2014

S02E01 Construction, February 11, 2018
S02E02 Aviation, February 18, 2018
S02E03 Forestry, February 25, 2018 P
S02E04 Mining. March 4, 2018

S03E01 Tourism
S03E02 Farming
S03E03 Manufacturing
S03E04 Broadcasting - Featuring a remarkable combination of young tinkerers and academic physicists, who were first responsible for wireless broadcasting in Aotearoa, the industry soon bloomed into an immensely popular entertainment medium which Kiwis had never experienced. Despite stringent government control preventing the propagation of news or criticism, gameshows, live music, sports and dramas graced the airways nightly. Soon, emboldened radio enthusiasts pushed the boundaries of technology and the government monopoly – names like Colin Scrimgeour and David Gapes now live on in history. When broadcast television arrived in the ‘60s, Kiwis got to work constructing an ambitious national network reaching from our main centres to tiny out-of-the-way towns. Perched on mountains, sometimes fighting snow and occasionally sabotage, New Zealand’s broadcasting infrastructure allowed audio and visual content to grow quickly from scarcity to plenty.

Originally broadcast on Prime, some episodes are available to watch on Neon, with the episode on broadcasting of especial relevance to those of an intrest in local TV/

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