Focuses on the small rural settlement of Ruatoria, on the East Coast. The band Herbs together with their entourage are welcomed onto the Mangahanea Marae, in Ruatoria. The group’s decision to launch their new album here resulted in the marae becoming a musical venue for the visit. In the evening a concert was presented by the local culture group and others, then Herbs sang songs from their repertoire.

Prior to leaving Wellington, some Herb members were a little apprehensive about going to Ruatoria, because of tension between locals and Rastafarians. That feeling was soon dispelled after the group were warmly received during their stay on the marae and by the community. They expressed that because of media hype, people like themselves are under the wrong impression about a community. It is not until an opportunity such as this arises, that a better perspective comes to the fore.

Producer: Trishia Downie
Director: John Day
Director: Lee Tamahori
Director of Photography: Kevin Haywood
Director of Photography: John Day
Sound Recordist: Hammond Peek
Editor: Patrick Monaghan

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