The bands I have seen performing live.

Ticket for U2 with Big Audio Dynamite in Christchurch
Big Audio Dynamite
Mark Stewart
Audio Active
Adrian Sherwood
Johnny Cash
Ticket for Johnny Cash in Christchurch
Ben Harper
Hunters & Collectors
Billy Bragg and the All-Stars
Sonic Youth
Ticket for Sonic Youth in Christchurch
The Dance Exponents
Salmonella Dub
Bressa Creeting Cake
Luke Hurley
Paul Ubana Jones
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Ticket for Jennifer Ward Lealand in Falling in Love Again

Paul Kelly
The Breeders
Ticket for The Breeders in Christchurch
Patrick Fitzgerald
The Gregg Johnson Set
The Finnigans
Stereobus Chris Knox
David Bowie (twice)
Bowie Ticket
Che Fu
The Trillionaires
New Order (Via Jason and Beryl's Cellphone)
The Chills
True Colours Ticket
Fat Freddy's Drop
Blam Blam Blam
Brooke Fraser
Push Push
Pop Will Eat Itself
Martin Phillips
The Tall Dwarfs
Donny Osmond


Real Groovy
Online Music store in NZ.


New WaveComplex

Q Web
The well known music magazine has a web site.

Urban 75
Underground e-zine.

A electronic group that sent me a free CD. Thanks

#1 on your birthday
Find out what was playing the day you arrived.

Snap it Off
I bookmarked this but can't remember why.

General music info and sources:

All-Music Guide Main Page
Useful music database with good general information on well known bands and some hard to find details on less well known artists.
Music reportage and comments by the audience for the audience.

Billboard Online Music info

The Boiler
Clean living under difficult circumstances.

Latvis - Photo Gallery

Used to be my must have magazine; with music, film, and book reviews plus a free CD every month. Then they dropped the film coverage and the focus on music for middle aged men came into sharp relief. Just how many Beatles/Bo Dylan/Rolling Stones articles do I need in my life?

Word Magazine
Upon my arrival in the UK I started getting this magazine in the hope it be a good general read regarding film, books, music etc. Unfortunatly it seems to be following Uncut with a growing focus on middle aged men rock, so only an occassional purchase these days.