Pride of an Angel #1 & #2

Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Pride of an Angel #1 & #2 Creator(s): Robert Martin
Publishers: Pantomime Press
From: England
Price: £2.00 (UK)

Michael Pryde was eight years old when he dies in his sleep, and now he finds himself in the body of a young man dressed in the style of a superhero and in a place that doesn't seem to make any sense. Memories that can't be his intrude on his thoughts.

This book is an intriguing one, focusing on the concepts of childhood and death. It's presented in a visual style that mixes photographs, text and line work in a way that Bill Sienkiewicz used to in some of his more experimental work. As emotions change the characters are transformed in appearance. In tone, this book is similar to Sandman, though it's more energetic than that book.

Issue 1 sets the scene, introducing us to Michael and his guide, Gabriel. At first I found the poses that Gabriel is shown in mildly annoying but as we learn more about her past it all suddenly makes sense. In issue two Michael explores the place that he has come to and learns that his goal is to help those who have been left behind by bereavements, and his first case is that of his own brother.

The narrative here has a wistful tone to it that means things get told in a rather roundabout way but the ideas get through with the help of the strikingly experimental artwork. Don't expect much action, but if you want a challenging read then this fits the bill nicely.

In a Word: Creative.

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