Hip Book of Fun Stuff #2, the

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hip Book of Fun Stuff #2, the Creator(s): Ché Gilson
Publishers: Vox Celestis Publishing
From: USA
Price: $2:00 (US)

A5, Blue cover, 24 Pages inside

Ché's drawing style is quite striking.

A manga influenced approach to figure construction

Everyone looks slight effeminate and quite attractive

First Section:
A gothic tale of a circus seemingly made up of lost souls.
a ringmaster with skeletal wings who must wear a straight jacket type corset to hide them from view.
Of the other characters we know little apart from that they seem to bully their ring master.
A scared child wants to join the circus to escape a violent father.
The ringmaster tries to warn him off but the other characters intervene and take the child away to join them.
The story is very atmospheric with a powerful sense of evil just under the surface.

Second Section:
Ché recalls when a chicken bone fell from the sky and hit her on the arm while she sat in her car.

Third Section:
Filled with a portrait galley of characters from Lucifer's army.

Fourth Section:
A witch and her cat have and adventure

The last two sections don't really have plots but the illustrations are attractive to the eye.

In a Word: Mysterious.

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