Sunburn #16

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Sunburn #16 Creator(s): Karl Thomsen (Ed)
From: Canada
Price: $3 (CA)

I've said it before but until this title ends or turns to crap I keep saying it: Sunburn is a mighty fine anthology. Word is however that the next issue will be the final one, that's a damn shame 'cause I always enjoy sampling the range of international creators collected together in each issue. It's where I foist discovered Brad Yung's meta-ironic strips. There are a few of the more recent ones included in here, and gems they be.

You will also find a good range of other material here, lots of it wordless, perhaps late entries for Karl's wordless collection. Perhaps the international artists realized that pictures alone can tell stories just fine and do away with the need for translations, 'cause the readers would have to extra-multi-lingual to read these in the native tongues of the creators. From places like Italy, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Finland, USA and Canada the contributors send material to Karl, and he does a great job of putting things together in a well designed book with an eye-catching cover by Karl himself.

The stories cover a wide range of styles and subject matter with something to suit everyone's taste and all of it is worth a read. Karl insures that you get value for money by including a mini comic issue of Sunburn #16.5 as well as his unbelievably useful Zinehead small press directory. This is the UN of the small press world without all the boring speeches in a handy format bound to open up the world of small press to you.

In a Word: Essential.

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