Black Light Angel Comik #4

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Black Light Angel Comik #4 Creator(s): Graber Hill
Publishers: Self Published
From: Australia
Price: $5 (AU)

This A4 format collection from Australia has a gothic feel to it with a dark look to the goings on and a recurrent theme of death. The major story in this issue is Louise Graber's continuing story Black Light Angels. It follows the adventures of a Goth band made up of vampires. In this episode the bands roadies manage to drive off the edge of a cliff. This leaves the band gearless and means the angel of death has to work overtime. Louise tells the story with a good dose of humour and here artwork has a nice bold look about it.

Other contributions include a couple of short strips plus a longer piece by the Australian small press legend Gerald Ashworth, whose usually manic style is toned down slightly as he records tan interview with a convicted necrophiliac. There's nothing explicit on show but do get some interesting insights into the motivation behind the practice as well as eye opening revelations regarding the goings on in funeral parlours. As is usual with Gerard his story gets you thinking and his unique drawing style supports the narrative wonderfully.

In a Word: Ghoulish.

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