Antlusian Chronicles: Diary of the Lost Colony #9

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Antlusian Chronicles: Diary of the Lost Colony #9 Writer(s): Ronson Butler (Layouts and some inks)
Artist(s): Dan Kellaway, Rene Blansette, Alan Groening
Publishers: R & B Comics (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $1:50 (US)

On an isolated outpost two female warriors, Alannia and Sajoanna, are trying to solve the mystery of who has been attacking the base, and what their goal is. The answers involve some weird time travel goings on and lots of cosmic combat with someone they thought they could trust. The story has a strong anime influence in both the style of artwork, with the female characters all looking like teenage girls and having huge eyes., and the storyline that revels in long energetic giant-robot type combat scenes that go on too long.

There is lots and lots and lots of dialogue in this book and most of it doesn't make any sense, especially when the combat turns to a universe destroying battle with metaphysical overtones. I have to be blunt and say that this comic isn't worth the destruction of any universe, let alone two of them. The universes have enough sexist portrayals of women with big breasts and cleavage to go around, so we could all have lived without another comic full of it.

The book does have a sense of humour, such as when Sojoanna gets upset because her hair braids get scorched during battle. Sure, they were made by her deceased mother but gosh, shouldn't Sojoanna have gotten a bit upset when the two universes got fried?

In a Word: Daft.

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