Curse Of Strangeness, the

Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Curse Of Strangeness, the Creator(s): Unknown
Publishers: Phuc-U Comiks
From: New Zealand
Price: $5 (NZ)

Joe was just minding his own business in the soda shop, having a drink and chatting with friends when a mysterious and attractive woman introduces herself by breaking the nose of one of the local jerks. You could really hurt me. Cool. says Joe, and a conversation develops. Soon they find themselves passengers in a hot rod involved in a race out in the countryside. Events take several dramatic turns as they encounter zombies, killer robots, Aliens, Amazon Queens and vampires in a storyline that might appear silly in retrospect but which makes perfect sense as you are reading.

The plotting is at an extra fast pace so there is not much to get thoughtful about, but the energy of the storytelling works well, and is aided by some excellent artwork that copes with the wide range of subject matter ably. The early pages are drawn with fine gauge pen with a mix of plain line work and “scribble” texture. Later the style abruptly changes with the use of black and grey brushwork giving softer tones and darkening the mood considerably, but still allowing for detailed work.

The book holds up well over the course of its 52 pages, and though some of the story elements are clichéd, the high quality of the artwork and entertaining plot make for an enjoyable read.

In a Word: Eerie.

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