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Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

The Hype:

Christian Read & Andrew Phillips
32 pages, b, US$2.95, bimonthly.

November marks the release of issue #2 of THE WATCH! After the exciting debut of #1 last September, THE WATCH continues to re-define modern superheroes and tell a sociopolitical story.

As The Watch delve further into the conspiracies that surround the battle for control of the planet's superhumans, The Fisher and Adapt are ambushed in the streets of New York by a vicious team of mercenaries hired by the Tanaka Corporation.

Meanwhile, the rest of The Watch discover that the United Nations have secrets lurking underground and deep under the ground the team comes face to face with one of the key players in the game.

This issue also features the 2nd installment of "The Potentate", an 8 page feature that focuses upon the world's most powerful super team. Led by the mighty Paladin, the Potentate storm a castle occupied by a group of super-criminals in Europe.

Ask for THE WATCH #2 at your comic store now or order online through the Phosphorescent Comics store. Copies of the original four part series of THE WATCH are also available."

EASY CLICHES #2 and #3 released!

September's COMICFEST! convention in Sydney was the venue for the release of the final two parts of EASY CLICHES. This series is a little bit sci-fi, a little bit detective story, and it tackles futuristic concepts like cloning technology with an abundance of humour. Entertaining, EASY CLICHES has gained a steady following of appreciative fans since it's #1 release. Copies of all three issues are available now through Australian comic stores and through our website.


WITCH KING #1 - #6

Written by the modern creative genius of Christian Read and illustrated by the artistically astounding Mr. Paul Abstruse, the first issue of WITCH KING is now looking set for release some time in 2002. Keep your fingers crossed as this is expected to be our biggest and most exciting yet! With the recent addition of PJ Magalhaes to our inking crew, Paul is free to proceed with pencils and is already deep into pencilling #2! More inking positions will need to be filled in order to complete the six issue series.


Our website has recently been updated to include all our available back issues as well as discount price subscriptions! You can now purchase single copies of past issues of THE WATCH, DUNWICH and EASY CLICHES by clicking on the ORDER link on the main menu at


Upcoming conventions that we are attending in some shape or form include:

1. The COMICFEST! Entertainment Expo, to be held in Sydney on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st April 2002. For full details see

2. The ARMAGEDDON PULP CULTURE EXPO, to be held in Auckland on Friday 12th until Sunday 14th April 2002. For full details see


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