Online Back Issues

Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Unbound Comics has just launched its web site at, offering e-book editions of new and out-of-print comic books. 

Aaron Thacker, President of Unbound Comics, wanted you to know that the following were on-line

Nick Abadzis Hugo Tate: O America, which The Comics Journal called "Britain's Love and Rockets."

Jan Strnad and Dennis Fujitake's Dalgoda, the critically acclaimed science fiction classic of the early 1980s, originally published by Fantagraphics.

David Yurkovich's The Stamp Collector, an early tale of Threshold by a creator whose work has been called "some of the freshest and best-written books dealing with the superhero ideal that I have ever seen" by Sequential Tart.

William Shakespeare's Hamlet, by Ben Templesmith and Aaron Thacker, an ambitious staging of Shakespeare's play, matching the complete text to painted pages. 

And that is just a sample of the more than 1 dozen reprinted and original titles on the shelves. 

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