SOFA #4, the Seaside Special

Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of SOFA #4, the Seaside Special Creator(s): Various
Publishers: SOFA
From: UK
Price: 1.50 (UK)

Anthologies give the reader the chance to sample a range of creators. This variety can be a plus or a minus, as some readers enjoy a sampler box of comics while others would prefer a more substantial storyline. The Sofa Crew attempt to give their anthology some unity by focusing their contributions for the most part on their hometown of Brighton. This gives the book a good local favour, which hopefully raised some interest at home and also ensures the book has an unique flavor for the rest of us.

Reading through the book gives one the impression that the Beach at Brighton is an exciting place to be with people chatting about alternative music, body image and club life. A range of different individuals populate the beach such as scuba divers, blobs and UN Peace-keepers on roller blades, all hogging the sun and surf. The stories cover a range from silly to thoughtful, with a potpourri of art styles that you would be hard pressed to match in the usually 36 page title. As a finishing touch, it is all wrapped up in a jolly wee two colour cover making good use of blue and red contrasts on a nice shiny white card stock.

In a Word: catchy.

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