Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Mysterioso Creator(s): Ed Pinsent
Publishers: Self Published
From: Kingdom
Price: ?

Every comic creator has an illustrating style, weather it be wholly their own or adapted from the work of another. Mainstream comics tend to encourage formulaic styles as companies ride the latest fad to death. Small press provides a wider scope for artists to develop their own styles because they can do what they want. This is what Ed does in this book with artwork that is full of energy. His style is a cross between Egyptian hieroglyphics and German surrealist imagery.

The stories in this collect, which dates from 1985, suggests that Ed was in an allegorical frame of mind. The first story follows a man-owl through his life as he looks for love but always manages to somehow want more than he can find with his wife and children. The second story Friedrick finds that an aspect of himself has fallen into a deep sleep and nothing that he or the doctors do can awaken it, so even though he can function normally he can't appreciate much of what life has to offer. Ed has an imaginative approach to story telling that means his stories come across like a fables for adults.

In a Word: Redolent.

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