Filler Bunny #1

Posted: Wednesday, January 2, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Creator(s): Jhonen Vasquez and Insomnia
Publishers: SLG Publishing
From: USA
Price: $2:25 (US)

The secret origin and brutal life of Filler Bunny is depicted in the 15 pages of this convention one shot. The Bunny has been genetically engineered to make the reader happy, and if that takes violence, over-eating and projectile vomiting then the Bunny does it. This is all depicted in the worst possible taste but the artwork is an attractive style that brings to mind Tim Burton and that cool Little dead Girl comic I like so much.

As events progress the gross-o-meters get a serious workout and Jhonen starts up a one sided dialogue with the reader regarding the fast approaching deadline and his horror at the fruits of his imagination.

As a mix of the 24 hour comic format, self referential comics, and gross out sick fest' this succeeds extremely well. It has got quite a few guilty laugh out loud moments as well as some really cute fluffy bunny stuff going on.

In a Word: Funnnnaaurgh.

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