"Saugus To The Sea" Book Launch

Posted: Tuesday, January 8, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Announcing the "Saugus To The Sea" Book Launch, Thursday, January 17, 2002, from 7-9PM at the (sugar refinery), 1115 Granville St.

Written by Bill Brown, illustrated by Brad Yung and published by Smart Cookie Publishing, "Saugus To The Sea" tells the story of -- heh heh -- Billy Brown, a lawn sprinkler installer who discovers a line of functioning antique underground sprinkler heads in the California desert. His investigations lead him to a hidden world of mysterious Arbor Day activists intent on bringing the forest back to the cities, romanticizing mapmakers, earthquake hotlines, punks hopping trains and visions in the desert.

The book launch will feature a reading by Brad Yung. Due to previous commitments, Bill Brown cannot attend, but will make an "appearance" via a videotaped message. One of his short films, "Confederation Park", will be shown after the reading. Publisher Kris Rothstein of Smart Cookie Publishing will also be on hand to help Brad deal with the public and to field the more difficult questions. And, of course, copies of "Saugus To The Sea" will be available for purchase and for Brad to sign.

If you are unable to attend, the book is available for purchase through the mail. Please see the Smart Cookie Publishing website order page for details on how to get your copy (http://www.webspotter.com/smartcookie/order.html). It is also available in Vancouver at Zulu Records, ABC Book & Comic Emporium, PulpFiction, Granville Book Company and Magpie Magazine Gallery, and at Powell's Books in Portland.

Bill Brown -- the author, not the fictional character -- is perhaps better known for his many short films, such as "Buffalo Common", which was recently screened locally at The Blinding Light Theatre. While this is his first novel, he has published over a dozen issues of his travel zine, "Dream Whip", a magnificent and at times heart-breaking account of his many travels across the continent, excerpts of which have been published in "Cool Beans". He also performs in a band, but I have forgotten the name.

Brad Yung -- the cartoonist and fictional character -- writes and draws the weekly comic strip "Stay As You Are." Since you are on my mailing list, you should already know this. Hrm. Brad has drawn over a dozen original illustrations for "Saugus To The Sea", as well as the cover.

Kris Rothstein created Smart Cookie Publishing specifically to publish "Saugus To The Sea", that's how good the book is. She has since decided to publish more books at a later date and is accepting manuscripts.

Relevant websites you can check out :

Smart Cookie Publishing : http://www.webspotter.com/smartcookie/

Brad's "Saugus To The Sea" webpage, which has more excerpts and samples of the illustrations : http://members.shaw.ca/saugus/index.html

The Official "Stay As You Are" homepage, which is constantly updated with fun, fun, fun : http://www.stayasyouare.com

Again, that's Thursday, January 17, 2002, from 7-9PM at the (sugar refinery), 1115 Granville St.

Hope to see you there !

Brad Yung

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