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Posted: Tuesday, January 8, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Online since 4:00 on New Year's Day, promises to be a useful site for all small press fans. Visit soon.

Preview "Kouseki:First Insight" online

Jacqui More informrd us that he and the Kouseki creative team are going to be self-publishing their quarterly anthology soon and in Feb hope to have have Issue 1 of Kouseki:First Insight to the printers. Jacquie stated The covers are going to be changed to something more legible, but here's some sample pages from issues 1-2 respectively.

The rest of the site is being overhauling to go with their new plans and goals.

Salgood Sam, aka, Max Douglas

Sam tells us that he is currently working on a project for marvel, Muties. You might remeber him from the past work he has done with them as well as DC, Paradox Press, NBM, and many others during 12 years in the biz.

He wants people to visit his website:

and pointed out the link for The Monthly Montreal Comix Jam

Literary Graffiti

Jeff Alexander's comic has a site at

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