Gorrilla Small Press Tactics

Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2002
By: David Tang

Cover of Gorrilla Small Press Tactics

Yet Another way to Support Small Press Comics (or Comics in General - to a Lesser Degree)

Quick and easy.

Your mission: visit a comic store. Check out the Small Press / Independents section (if any), and see if a comic that you like is available (such as Eightball 22, The Last Lonely Saturday or Dear Julia).

Make sure that the comic isn't there.

Head towards the counter and ask if the store has any copies of the comic (obviously they don't, as you've just checked). Chances are, they won't do anything about it, but some retailers will offer to order the comic for you. Politely decline (unless you wish to actually purchase the comic,) and say that you'll check back next week instead.

Get some friends to do the same thing, and soon enough the retailer will think there's something going on with that book (i.e. it's good, or there's enough interest to worth ordering). Not only will you open their eyes to a small press book that would otherwise be overlooked, but you've also made sure there is at least one copy of the comic on display - ready to win over the casual browser.

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