Very Nice Gravy

Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Very Nice Gravy Creator(s): Indira Neville
Publishers: Oats Comics
From: Auckland
Price: $5 (NZ)

This book collects Indira favourite pieces from the first 11 issues of her comic Nice Gravy. These are sure to become the favourites of a lot of readers because the good natured humour on display can't help but entertain. The tone of the strips is absurd, with a majority of them consisting of a woman and a young girl performing strange tricks. They grow vegetables on their limbs then chop them off. The limbs that is.

Anything can happen in Indira's books, some of it looks painful but her characters nearly always sport a big grin. I guess they are in on the joke. The only one where the characters wear frowns consists of serious stares at the reader for the whole strip. Then, in the last panel one of them proclaims A Very Serious Comic.

Indira's artwork is energetic, with the characters drawn in the style of British kids comics and dressed in groovy sun frocks, sneakers and hairy legs. The strips are also energized by the use of intricate patterning in the boarders and the sun frocks.

In a Word: Nicest.

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