ESPA News & Year End Report

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Lyn from the Edmonton Small Press Association sent us the following, and it is so full of useful news and pointers we are going to share it with you as is. Feed your mind....


Hi Folks!

Lyn here from the ESPA, writing to let you all know that we have (finally) completed our 2001 Statement of Activities (covering everything we did through the "Going Postal Mail Art Expo" (a celebration of mail art, small press, and underground arts culture) and we are (finally) getting re-focused on the year-in-advance...

This time last year I promised everyone that I would do better to keep in touch with you all, but (as I'm sure you are all aware), I didn't do so well in that department... hmmm... what can I say? Despite my failure in that regard I'm happy to say that we managed to accomplish a fair bit, and although the communications suffered, they were sacrificed in favour of those accomplishments... so, uh, sorry? (insert self-flagellating emoticon here...) Anyhoo.

The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU to all of the artists who submitted their work to "Going Postal" or any of our other projects over the past year - thanks! The work we received was truly amazing... thanks also to all of the bands, volunteers, friends and other supporters - good karma to all of you!

I would have loved to have sent out the 2001 Statement of Activities in this email but they are pretty big and I don't want to risk crashing peoples' systems; so instead I'm encouraging people to CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AND REQUEST THEM INSTEAD (if you know your system/server can handle the file/transmission size, that is). The report is full-colour, 28 pages, split into 4 PDF files (each is approx. 4 MB), and readable with Adobe Acrobat reader which is free/shareware. I'm hoping that those of you who *can* read them via email will request a copy, to get a run-down on ESPA 2001 & plans for 2002... it's swanky...

A print version will be available to all of you soon; we had hoped to get out all documentation by October but it looks like it'll be another month or two before we can afford to send out the huge-ass mailout! What I can tell you in brief about the "Going Postal Mail Art Expo" is this:

Total submissions: 447* individal submissions, representing hundreds of artists from 27 countries. (* Most of them contained multiple pieces, logging the actual number of submissions at just over 2400 pieces.) These pieces are now a part of the ESPA's permanent collection and are available for viewing anytime.

The ESPA remains non-profit, volunteer-operated, and supported mostly by individual donors and artists (who submit projects)

Total volunteer hours: 3220 hours
Total attendance (all events): 2485 people ESPA membership now sits at 508 members worldwide

In other words, we had a great year - thank you all! Good karma!!

And moving on to the 'newsletter' portion...

Last 'issue' a few people mentioned that much of the info I included didn't apply to them (eg: Alberta events, calls, etc.), so this time I'm going to list everything in the following order: 1. OPEN TO ALL: CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS (regardless of geographical location); 2. WEBSITES OF INTEREST;
... this way those of you who have no interest in local stuff can just 'stop reading' when the websites/local stuff pops up. Hopefully this will help until we get our own website up and running and we can stop all these shenanigans!

As usual, this email will be *REALLY REALLY HUGE* with tons of links to many great resources (so be prepared), and (again) please let me know immediately if you do *NOT* want to receive these emails. If you're getting this it's because you are either an ESPA member/artist/donor, you have signed our mailing list, or blah, blah, blah...

* IN THIS NEWSLETTER (table of contents, in this order): --------------------------------------------------------


ESPA 2002 CALLS (Mail Art, Installation): 4 - 2002 CARVING CONTINUUM (Lo-fi Printmaking) - FOOD FOR THOUGHT (GE Food & Consumerism) - X/Y: EXPLORING GENDER IDENTITY (Challenging Stereotypes) - TRASHMASTERS (Recycled Art)

OTHER CALLS: Aprox. 35
- PHOTOGRAPHY (Canadian only): 1








CARVING CONTINUUM: The ESPA 2002 Rubber Stamp & Small Press Expo Mail Art project featuring all kinds of 'lo-fi' printmaking... All themes, mediums, sizes & formats accepted: Eraser carvings, woodcuts, soft/block prints, potatoes, fingers, experimental carvings/applications, *any* other relief prints, *any* other form of creative printmaking - as trading cards, postcards, artistamps, envelopes, collages, zines, handmade books, whatever... go crazy... No fee, no refusal, no jury, no return - exhibit documentation/ reciprocation to all... Please be sure to include: your name/pseudonym
your email & snailmail addresses (important!) Sub-Project: "The Carving Consortium (CC) 2002 Commemorative Swap": * See for full guidelines. DEADLINE May 1, 2002. (CHECK THIS SITE NOW; LINK AFTER Jan. 22)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Another multimedia exhibition, this time based on the theme of food and consumerism in general. Feature components include A RECIPE FOR CHANGE, a collaborative MAIL ART project where artists are being asked to SUBMIT YOUR OWN SPOOF LABELS that address the issues of genetically modified (GE) food products and whether or not we as consumers have the right to know what kinds of food we are eating - there are a growing number of people world-wide who are concerned with the debate over mandatory versus voluntary labelling of food products, which in turn raises serious political issues. The GE labels will be presented as a 3D installation consisting of a massive pyramid of re-labelled tin cans.(Sub-Project: Feast for Famine, details TBA) GUIDELINES: Locals are invited to submit food-and-consumerism themed proposals (all media); INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS are asked to submit non-returnable SPOOF LABELS that will wrap around any standard-sized tin cans (soup, tuna, canned tomatoes, etc.); DO NOT SEND CANS, just *flat* labels *or* you may SUBMIT THEM VIA EMAIL (in hi-resolution JPEG or PDF format only please). All participants will be reciprocated with documentation and exhibit souvenirs. Please include: your name/pseudonym
your email & snailmail addresses (important!) indicate whether or not they can be posted to the LabelThis website for use by other arts/activists
In collaboration with DEADLINE May 1, 2002.

X/Y: EXPLORING GENDER IDENTITY is an exhibition of works that metaphorically explores the validity of gender specificity vs. neutrality, further questioning the validity of stereotypical gender roles and generally considering the relationships between men and women, and their references to sexuality and spirituality in a modern world that seeks to pigeonhole each into neat little packages... Why are boys prone to discouragement when competitiveness is lacking? Why do girls need verbal communication? Why does the educational system favour a universal method of teaching when research has indicated that boys and girls have different needs? The discovery of the sexual dimorphic nucleus (SDN) has indicated a distinct difference between male & female brains at birth, regardless of whether or not the biology matches, so what of the question of nature vs. nurture? Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but what happens to those people who are neither... or both? Men, women, hetero, homo, bi, trans... in the greater scheme of things gender identity issues are largely free of debate, precisely because there is so little of it. But does it even matter? Have we as humans transcended the need to define ourselves as any of these things? Through a multimedia visual arts exhibit combining bookworks, illustration, photography, collage, video, installation, and literature, X/Y endeavours to present opportunities for patrons to interactively explore the ideas of these and other questions regarding gender identity. INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS are asked to submit non-returnable Mail Art (postcards, zines, etc.) on this theme. All participants will be reciprocated with documentation and exhibit souvenirs. Submit your non-returnable items and include your name/pseudonym
your email & snailmail addresses (important!) DEADLINE May 1, 2002.
* To be presented in conjunction with METANOMACIES (Robert Pasternak) (See Winnipeg Pool of the Black Star Gallery exhibition at

TRASHMASTERS: Taking environmental considerations to issue, the ESPA is planning the show Trash Masters, an exhibition of works comprised of recycled and reclaimed objects. In addition we plan on providing our own workshops on papermaking and bookbinding, and otherwise provide as many additional opportunties to inspire patrons to consider the many uses for almost every disposable item imaginable.In our non-sustainable world a show like Trash Masters will create a useful forum for people to consider the mantra of reducing, re-using and recycling, perhaps inspiring responsibility towards our planet and reducing the over consumption of our non-renewable resources. The ESPA is accepting proposals for all kinds of submissions to this show including video, installation, etc., and locals (Edmonton) may also propose their own workshops or presentations. INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS are asked to submit non-returnable Mail Art, any media (postcards, zines, etc.) on this theme. All participants will be reciprocated with documentation and exhibit souvenirs. Submit your non-returnable items and include your name/pseudonym
your email & snailmail addresses (important!) DEADLINE May 1, 2002.

* TO SUBMIT TO ANY OF THE ABOVE 4 CALLS, INDICATE THEME AND SEND TO: ESPA, P.O. Box 75086, R.P.O., Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6K1 CANADA Contact Lyn X (780) 434-9236 / for additional info.

Also: Mark Vallen


THE WORKS FESTIVAL 2002: The Works Visual Arts Festival's Call To Enter 2002 is open to all artists, designers, curators, art organizations, performance artists, artisans, and craftspersons from the local to the international level. Exhibition proposals can be submitted to The Works office until JANUARY 25, 2002! To receive a Call To Enter application, call 780.426.2122, fax 780.426.4673, email or visit

TRANSCULTURATION AND GLOBALISATION in conjunction with "LOCATING ASIA" ASIAN IDENTITIES AND THE LOCATION OF CULTURE Centre A (Vancouver) and SAVAC (Toronto) invite artists to submit a proposal to participate in a unique exhibition project. Participants will develop an exhibition of media art works to be presented simultaneously in a gallery setting and on the Internet. Phase One: Vancouver "Locating Asia" symposium, May 2-5, 2002. Phase Two:Accepted artists will be asked to develop new work with a primary focus on new media and delivery to the Internet. Phase Three: An exhibition will be mounted at Centre A in May 2003 comprised of work created through the workshop. The exhibition will then travel to Toronto and possibly other cities. Write SAVAC at for info.

NeXtFest 2002: ATTENTION YOUNG EMERGING ARTISTS! Actors, Composers, CyberArtists, Choreographers, Dancers, Designers, Directors, Filmmakers, Musicians, Painters, Poets, Playwrights, Visual Artists, etc NeXtFest is a multi-disciplinary arts festival dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to emerging professional artists under the age of 30. For further details contact Steve:(780) 453-2440 or <> SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 22nd, 2002

The Canada Council for the Arts

OPEN STUDIO is seeking a part-time Development Coordinator for approximately 20 hours/week. This is a permanent, contract position beginning in February 2002. Open Studio is a comprehensive artist-run centre for contemporary printmaking practice, dedicated to the production, preservation and promotion of contemporary original fine art prints. Open Studio provides multi-faceted services, programs and information for artists from across Canada and abroad, and the public. As an artist-run centre, it is our priority to support artists in the development of their professional endeavours. Deadline: January 25. Call for info.

YYZ ARTISTS' OUTLET, one of Canada's foremost artist-run centres seeks to fill the position of Interim Director of Programming. Working with the Director of Operations and Publishing and a volunteer Board of Directors, the successful applicant will be responsible for implementing programming in the areas of visual arts, time-based arts and the YYZine. Deadline: February 11 Contract: 57 weeks starting March 2002
Please send or fax resum with cover letter by February 11, 2002 to: The Hiring Committee, YYZ Artists' Outlet, 401 Richmond Street West Suite 140, Toronto ONT. M5V 3A8
fax: 416.598.2282


QUIET is a publication that will be published on CD-ROM, which will fuse audio, wirtten, and visual media. It explores current politics, culture, media, and arts in canada's many communities. quiet is queer positive and of color, though it is open to all. quiet provides a space within which we can explore the situations in our various communities. For queries or to submit, email:,, or Brutarian is a pop culture zine that's been in the business for ten years. Pays artists for submissions of artwork, articles and reviews.

RESOURCES FOR RADICALS: Updated annually. All expressions of radical non-violent dissent are welcome and should be sent to: Brian Burch, Editor, Resources for Radicals, 20 Spruce St., Toronto, Ontario (Canada) M5A 2H7 or email via TASC at .

MOVEMENT, Calgary's anti-G8 zine needs submissions for upcoming issues. The zine isn't limited to globalisation and the G8, however, and there are a lot of topics related to leftwing issues to write on. Write to Adrian at for more info/guidelines

$5000 WRITER'S GRANT for Emerging Artists (Toronto only!) Applications should be submitted to:
The Writers' Union of Canada, 40 Wellington Street East, Third Floor Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1C7 Deadline for applications: January 31, 2002 For info:

Pooka Press (Vancouver) email Warren Fulton at for submission guidelines.

52%: Quality poetry, prose, short fiction (to 500 words), articles and artwork are required for 52%, Carleton University's Womyn's Centre Zine.Deadline: Feb 15th. Please include short bio. (Submissions welcome gender-regardless, but subject matter should be somehow relevant to women as that's the theme.) Please submit via: Contact: Laurie Fuhr/Kait Dueck


SUPER 8 SUPER HERO: What does a hero look like anyway, these days? Satan Macnuggit is seeking submissions of Super 8 films featuring superheroes. Films should be 10 minutes maximum, shot on super 8 film, and transferred to Digital Video. Deadline is FEBRUARY 1, 2002. Info:

Signal & Noise Festival of Contemporary Media (Presented by Video In, Vancouver ) is dedicated to the presentation of innovative and challenging practices in video and sound art. Entries of single channel video, curated single channel programs, and audio work are requested. Deadline: January 18, 2002

ReelWorld Film Festival 2002 The deadline for submissions is January 27th, 2002.

OPTIC NERVE: THE PETERBOROUGH MOVING MEDIA SERIES The Peterborough Arts Umbrella is accepting submissions from artists working in independent film/video and new media art. Submissions will be juried for our monthly moving media series. There are no deadlines as this series will run monthly from Nov/2001- Sept/2002. For Information and Entry Form Download the Entry PDF file from Or call

PRODUCT: Diary of a Disco Dolly, a monthly New York pop/subcultural television series seeks innovative experimental, documentary and animated shorts for broadcast (between 30 seconds and 5 minutes). Further details available at our Web site. Surprise us!!

Subtle Technologies 2002: Call for video works University of Toronto in May 2002. This conference is an opportunity for scientists and artists to come together and share each others language in those areas which are still searching for definitions, explanations and meaning. The conference blurs the boundaries between art and science. This years media program will place special emphasis on traditional cultural roots of contemporary science and technology. Deadline: January 18, 2001 For more information: Laura Marks


Call for Submissions: Statistics Canada is seeking compelling and evocative images by Canadian photographers and artists for its upcoming edition of Canada: A Portrait 2003. This award-winning book will provide a dynamic visual snapshot of contemporary Canada by looking at enduring aspects of our country, as well as unique moments in Canadian history. Deadline: January 30, 2002 Info:

----------------------------------------------- OTHER MAIL ART LINKS & CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS:

Many of these courtesy of the dispatcher of Signs & Stones, Guido Vermeulen, Vincottestreet 81, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium (thanks Guido!)

Send pictures or collages, size 4 X 9 cm, in pink and green colors. All contributions will be glued on A4's to form mosaics which will then be color xeroxed and sent out as documentation. Deadline: June 1, 2002. Solvej Rasmussen, Kantorvaenget 3 nr 11, DK 8240 Risskov, DENMARK.

A project that questions the identity of Latin Americans and the relation between identity and territory, history, social conditions, religious backgrounds, environment and so on. No deadline, postcard size, free medium, visual poetry more than welcome. Keyla Holmquist, Apartado postal 2260, Maracay 2101, Estado Aragua, VENEZUELA.

Is it a movement only for anarchists and dreamers or can artists participate and in which way? Free size and media, exhibition and documentation, no mention of deadline. Monica Garces Conley, Casilla 2112, Urdesa Guayaquil, ECUADOR.

HERMANN HESSE (1877-1962)
A tribute to the famous German writer of Steppenwolf, Siddharta, Peter Camenzind, Gertrud, Knulp, Kurgast, Narziss & Goldmund, Fabulierbuch. In 2002 the world will celebrate his 125th birthday. Free size and medium. Deadline is July 2, 2002. Jorg Seifert, Wilisch strasse 11, D-09456 Annaberg, GERMANY.

Theme is free but medium must be computer graphics, videoprints, copy art or e-mail art. Maximum size is A4. Deadline is January 31, 2002. Exhibition in state gallery in February. Texts on the topic are also welcome. Stanislav Tropp, Tr. Hradca Kralove 32, 97401 Banska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA.

Rae is working on a project and asks us to send him catfoodlabels. Rae Trujillo, 40 El Rancho Dr., Pleasant Hill CA, 94523 USA.

Is a new magazine for visual poetry and mail art and is published in June and December. Submit your black and white contributions, size A4, flat and unfolded material to: Reed Altemus, 16 Blanchard Rd, Cumberland ME, 04021-9598 USA.

Free size and medium but altered objects. Doc twice a year. Natalie Johnson, Artmosis, 222 E Glencannon Str, Stockton CA, 952101-1922 USA.

CROSS BREED HUMANS, cross breed humans with plants, animals or minerals: postcard or envelope size, no deadline, free media. Flea, 840 S Pasfield, Springfield IL, 62704 USA.

SEPT.11: Send Sept.11 condolences & encouragements to NYC Fire Department NYC Fire Department, 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY 10005

STAMPED ART: State Library of Western Australia, March-May 2002 Stamped books, jewelery, stamped boxes and tags etc.etc. No returns, Documentation to all. Please send all art to PO Box 292, Scarborough, Western Australia, 6922

Shopping Trolley Gallery (U.K.) for more

* plus see ESPA calls above!



Gallery Bink (showcases lowbrow/underground art) (Portland, Oregon)

Adrian Gollner Cool component constituting the first statistical analysis of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's 1810 Theory of Colours, and some amazing artworks under his 'art images' link Kimberly Byerly's goth art site

Pedram Portfolio (Brazil) *PC/Windows only Forum for web/media artists Artists Forum (Ottawa)

The Enriched Bread Artists (Ottawa) (artist-run ctr.)

Greg Oakes

THE TRADE'S THE THING: Artist Trading Cards Interview w/ Chuck Stake Website:

ACAD STOP-@-SPAM 75 Alberta College of Art & Design

------------------------------------------- ZINE/COMIC LINKS, INFO & OTHER RESOURCES:

All are invited to join the smallpressers group, a small press listserve. Register by writing the moderator at

Clamor Magazine (great activist zine)

Microcosm Publishing Makes and distributes DIY stickers, pins, zines, zines, books, and music and since 1997 (Great catalogue!) to check out info about Howard Cruse, pioneering creator of the first gay comix, and his latest book, Wendel All Together.

Off My Jammy Fanzine Sequential Tart

Suzanne Baumann

"Thred", Bruce Orr's long-awaited 64 page comic book is finally out! Too bad he doesn't have a website (?) or I'd list it here... but you can get your own for only $5 at: Bruce Orr, 1601 S. 8th street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia PA 19148 or email him at

ALTER(info)NATIVOSTOP-@-SPAMzine#2. Write to: Zine eletrnico com 16 pginas de cultura alternativa: This is a huge zine full of poetry, news, zine reviews, articles on animal rights, vegetarianism, demo tapes, rock bands.

Addam (Dot) Com Web-Zine by Adam (Addam) Winsenburg (of adc zine), this site *was* an absolutly free zine exchange/web-based resource for zinesters to meet and exchange zines, ideas, whatever... Unfortunately it's on haitus due to low traffic (for no good reason aside from people like me who are too dang busy to spend a lot of time surfing - sorry Addam), but he's working on another so Write him. Get your zine up.

Timeliketoons/Sideways/Gen X Suicide Notes Write to Yul at to join his Nepopulara listserve where the sole focus is to talk about your unpopular ideas. More fun than you can shake a stick at.

------------------------------------------ LITERARY/OTHER SMALL PRESS LINKS & INFO:

Greenboathouse Books (Jason Dewinetz) THE GIG magazine:

JACKET: Features a special tribute to New York poet Kenneth Koch - including an audio recording of "Popeye and William Blake Fight to the Death" a hilarious public rhyming contest between Koch and Allen Ginsberg at St Mark's Poetry Project, New York City, 9 May 1979 for POETRY enthusiasts or info on SPAN-O (the Ottawa small press action network) and book fair, for smaller & more offbeat publishers & writers to sell their wares. Ranging from comic books to literary magazines, handmade zines & high-end hand-produced book arts, the ottawa small press book fair gives voice to those works that might not get the attention in mainstream media or bookstores.

blue moon: grassroots canadian poetry xene

Announcing the launch of literary journal, a biannual online literary journal focusing on the poetic apprehension of the physical world (Rob Budde)

"HOUSEWORK: a bibliography of the first two hundred publications from housepress. (nov 1997 through dec. 2001)" Contact: derek beaulieu or

IMPURE: REINVENTING THE WORD compiles interviews with 75 French and English artists from Montreal, as well as New York poet John Giorno, in the FIRST comprehensive examination of the theory and practice of 'spoken word'. Drawing on the polygot word culture of one of North America's most hybrid cities, this book taps the wisdom of musicians, activists, griots, dub poets, publishers, performance artists, storytellers, and slam poets. Book info and orders: (conundrum press) Launch info and media contact: Victoria

It's Still Winter with new work from Aiden Baker, Meryl Duprey, Keith Ebsary, rob mclennan, Glen Sorestad & George Stanley.
Books to build a new society

------------------------------------------ FILM/VIDEO, NEW MEDIA & THEATRE LINKS:

Small press people interested in wild performances: MURDER THE WORD

DIY or Die: Trailer for a documentary film about indi artists. and


Trinity Square Video

Northern Light Theatre & Carnival of Souls http:// (Edmonton)

Free Will Players/River City Shakespeare Festival (Edmonton)


Hold Your Ground CDs in Stores Now: Benefit for the Activist Network All songs have a social or environmental theme. Great gift for people with a conscience. Gerald Wheatley (403) 270-8002 or

Brazilian Punk/Rock Sites:

Microcosm Publishing for distro.

Eighth Circle Independent Artist Collective (Massachusetts) Mostly music-related resources. For those of us not distributed by mega-corporations.


Edible Ballot Society: EBS trials begin today (ie- Jan.11) for more info. Edmonton - 3 members of the Edible Ballot Society charged for eating their ballots during the federal election will go before a judge this Friday, January 11th in Provincial court. Legal defense Simon Renouf intends to raise concerns about the validity of the charge. Elections Canada has charged the accused using sections 167(2)(a) and 489(3)(e), obscure parts of the elections act reserved for individuals who destroy other people's ballots in order to alter the outcome of elections. "If they ate a whole box of ballots, that would be different," Renouf remarked. As it stands, Elections Canada is equating political dissent with election fraud. If convicted, they face up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to $3000.
* If you wish to ridicule the bizarre actions of Elections Canada, you can write to them at 257 Slater St. Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0M6, or email them at through the EBS web page. Write to EBS at

Post your activist events to the rabble site!

Corp-Focus is a moderated listserve which distributes the weekly column "Focus on the Corporation". To subscribe to Corp-Focus, go to . Focus on the Corporation columns are posted at

Peoples Summit/NGO conference at the G8 c/o International Society for Peace and Human Rights Alberta Wilderness Association Their new Conservation Calendar helps you keep track of fun events, speakers, outings, community conservation programs and action opportunities in your neighbourhood, your province or anywhere in the country. Click on the graphic of the calendar. Enter your postal code to view the events in your riding, or select another location from the pull down menus. L.E.T.S. Edmonton interest free currency and barter system

EcoCity, a non-profit environmental advocacy and education organization, is seeking donations of: screenprinting supplies, magazine subscriptions (anything progressive Adbusters, UTNE etc.), activist films, bookshelves, filing cabinets, computer equipment, photocopier and other misc. items. ECOCITY MONTHLY MEETING (306, 10168 - 100A Avenue) Wheelchair accessible. Contact: Mike Hudema

CRITICAL MASS, EDMONTON: Every Month on the Last Friday Meet outside Edmonton City Hall, near Clocktower (103 Avenue & 100 Street). Every month cyclists unite and ride for the revolution. Contact: Trevor, (780) 437-0794, Group website:

2002 PACIFIC NORTHWEST (INDEPENDENT) MEDIA CONVERGENCE Thursday, January 24, 2002 until Sunday, January 27, 2002 and...

Alberta Independent Media Additional media resources at

RESOURCES FOR RADICALS: The revised 3rd edition of Resources for Radicals, an annotated bibliography of print resources for those involved in movements for social transformation, is now available. Most of the new additional material focuses on globalisation, pacifism and masculinity on violence, but a smorgasbord of resources is examined. Written and compiled by Brian Burch, a Toronto based writer with a lengthy history of political activism and community education work. Write Toronto Action for Social Change at for info or copies.

* Kodak Kids Clean Air Campaign

Edmonton peace/antiwar site


To find MPs and generally exercise your democratic rights

PETITIONS: for a huge massive crap-load of petitions for when you're feeling particularly sassy! Nuclear, Star Wars, Landmines, Anti-Trafficking Act (transport and sale of human beings), etc..

Demand Free Speech/Defend Professor Sunera Thobani "You cannot slaughter people into submission" - Much ado about Professor Sunera Thobani's Parliament Hill speech. Was it offensive and inappropriate, as prominent federal politicians claim?



January 18, 2002 Whatbox with Winnipeg's Indie Nosebone and Blacken. At Stars (105 St. & Whyte Ave., Edmonton)

Friday, January 18th, 7 pm
Riverdale Community Hall, 9231 - 100 Avenue An all-ages fundraiser for the Casa de Las Ninas (Safehouse for Girls) in Managua, Nicaragua with Zane Kelsal and Friends, The Casuals, Thomas Trofimuk (Alberta Beatnik and the Raving Poets), Combo Platter, The Bee Feeders, and Open Mike Slamming and Jamming. Call 448-1505 for info/tix. Tickets are $10.00 for adults $5.00 for students

January 25th: Haven and King Ring Nancy at the Rev (Edmonton) Cover is only $5

January 25: Cypher at Red's in West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton)

February 2nd: Whatbox w/ GI JILL and Think not Think STOP-@-SPAM Fox & Hound

Hold Your Ground CDs in Stores Now: Benefit for the Activist Network All songs have a social or environmental theme. Great gift for people with a conscience. Gerald Wheatley (403) 270-8002 or

---------------------------------------- EDMONTON ARTS EVENTS:

"From the Stage to the Page": Join five of Edmonton's finest playwrights for dramatic readings from published books and works-in -progress. Each playwright will read a short excerpt from their work. Afterwards, you can meet the playwrights and get books signed. It's free, and a unique opportunity to see plays go from the stage to the page. Who: David Belke, Marty Chan, Chris Craddock, Conni Massing & Paul Matwychuk. When and Where: Saturday, January 19, 2:00 PM, Audreys Books--107 Street and Jasper Ave. (Edmonton). For more information please contact Erin at NeWest Press (780) 432-9427

12 Days of Poetry 2002 STOP-@-SPAM Grounds for Coffee & Antiques, 10247-97 St. Stroll of Poets' website at: January 19: Rusti Lehay, Naomi McIlwraith, Linda Jennings, Terence Harding, hosted by Thomas Trofimuk
January 20: Anna Marie Sewell, Kathy Fisher, Mark Kozub, Rebecca Schellenberg, hosted by David Huggett

Jan.1-30: Stufdmonkey Project: A public art installation Front Foyer, Edmonton Public Library (Downtown). Meet the Artist Jan. 17, 7pm to 8:30pm

Building Art: Small Architecture Projects from Across Canada exhibition at the Fine Arts building (FAB). Closing Jan. 24th... Call 288-5575 for more info

Jan.24/25 (Thurs/Fri.) MADE SYMPOSIUM: Big Art Lots of designers and lectures to take in. $15/$25 General or $half price for students. Call Shafraaz STOP-@-SPAM
CANADA COUNCIL THEATRE SECTION - INFORMATION SESSION Thursday, January 24th, 2002, 2:00 - 4:00 pm at The Roxy Theatre, 10708 - 124 Street
Canada Council Theatre Officer, Bob Allen will be holding an information session to discuss the expansions made available to current programs as a result of the additional funding received from the Federal Government. For more information e-mail Bob Allen at: RSVP to Jacquie Richardson at Theatre Network (453-2440)

Artist Trading Card Traders (and the rest of the world): Please note that there will be a second WORKSHOP at the WINshop on January 26 to be followed by the regularly scheduled monthly Artist Trading Card Trading Session at The New Gallery from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.
More information on Artist Trading Cards: (** CALGARY **)

Feb. 14: MADE Lecture: Kim Adam at Edmonton Art Galley; she's speaking about 'art in public places', should be interesting. All invited!
Feb. 15: MADE/ESPA Black Valentine's Party, Downtown Edmonton. Great live and canned music, art and fun. Guests will be asked to dress creatively and also bring a creatively designed piece of art on the themes of 'Loves me' or 'Loves me Not'. This event is still in the planning stages so more updates TBA! Feel free to call 434-9236/ for more info or if you want to perform, present, volunteer, etc..

---------------------------------------- OTHER EVENTS

Jan. 17-20: Edmonton Solidarity Assembly Howard Johnson (10010-104 St.) Focuses on networking, movement strategies and tactics, and the World Social Forum. Most importantly, this assembly will provide a unique opportunity to network and share information, strategy, skills and ideas with 200 delegates from diverse social justice organizations and from every province and territory. Info at or toll-free at (877) 244-4494.

FUNDRAISING DINNER & AUCTION for Afghanistan January 25th 2002, 7:00 p.m. STOP-@-SPAM Maharaja Banquet Hall, 9257 - 34A Ave. Tix: $40 (partial tax receipt to be issued) Funds raised will be used to alleviate suffering of all people in Afghanistan regardless of race, religion, gender or age. For more info & tickets please call: Shashi Kalia (780) 988 9676

Jan.28-Feb.1: U of A International Week: Living as if the planet matters for schedule of events Small Press Creative Initiatives and the Alternative Media: A small press in a 'big media' world is important to arts and culture and is a valuable tool for positive social change. The ESPA presentation "On the Importance of Small Press, the Alternative Media and the Creative Process", will consist of a presentation of projects from our library/archive, used to illustrate the above points. Thursday, January 31, 11:00 am - 12:20 pm, International Centre Lobby

February 9: Kindness to Kolleagues: 2nd Annual Kindness Conference. Grant MacEwan College


Feb. 2002: ESPA & Stroll of Poets present a Small Press Workshop at Naked Cyber Cafe downtown. Details TBA. Call (780) 434-9236/ for info.

Jan.16 (Wed.) noon-6pm: TAD's fundraising workshop (free) Location U of A, Education South Bldg Rm# 122.
Call ESPA Call (780) 434-9236/ for more info.

Jan.23 (Wed.) ESPA GENERAL/BOARD MEETING!!! 9811 80 Ave., 7 pm. All Welcome.

Jan.24 (Thursday) Tax Workshop for Artists STOP-@-SPAM FAVA $17 (time: 7 pm) 2nd Floor, 9722-102 Street (Lindsay 429-1671 to register)

Expressions Cafe: School of Life, an arts mentoring program being developed by the cafe, aims to encourage children by stimulating their creativity, sense of self and community. For more information about the School of Life program, please call: Karyn Stirling STOP-@-SPAM 471-9125 (Expressionz Cafe, 9142 - 118th Avenue).

Are you planning an event, or organizing a campaign? Goodwill Industries of Alberta can assist with collation, stuffing and delivery of flyers and brochures. To find out more about our work groups phone 944-0345 of e-mail Contact Bob Kenyon, Job Marketer, Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Alberta Online Outdoors News

Las Americas Housing Co-operative (5824 - 19A Avenue) is taking applications for its waiting list now. We have 36 nice townhouses in Millwoods, close to schools, parks, bus routes, hospital, recreation and shopping centres, etc. Contact: Leo (780) 419-7654

The Porridge: Speakers Wanted. The Porridge is a breakfast meeting series about kindness, social responsibility and the like.

Food Not Bombs Free vegan lunch at 1 p.m. every Saturday at the Boyle Street Co-op, 10116-105th Ave. (and they can always use volunteers and food donations, too!)


So thats' it folks!

ONE LAST TIME: Please let us know immediately if you do *NOT* want to receive these emails!

I know this one is huge and to be honest, I'd be way happier if they were sent out with more frequency and in smaller batches. That said, I think this may be the last kind of email *like this* that we send out...

INSTEAD, I am requesting that anybody who wants to continue receiving info like the kind in this email to PLEASE WRITE US AND SAY SO. If there is enough interest we will instead start an ESPA CALLS LISTSERVE, making it much easier/efficient for us to send information out (in smaller batches, with more frequency), and generally communicate better. That said, remember to keep us informed of what you are all up to! We continue to pass on lots of calls, resources, etc., so keep 'em coming!

And one last reminder that we can email you PDF files of our full 2001 Statement of Activities if anyone wants to see a copy - luscious full- colour and lots of photos from the past year. drool.

Hope you all had a great/fun/relaxing holiday/new year,


PostMistress Lyn X (on behalf of the ESPA)

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