Tzimtzum Prologue

Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Tzimtzum Prologue Writer(s): David J Dentler
Artist(s): John Haack (Pencils), Ken Anderson (inks), John Wilson (colors
Publishers: ShaddowFish Comics
From: USA
Price: $3.95 (US

>As much as I love photocopied black and white comics, this book proves a point: full colour gloss covers with computer manipulated photographs sure do look impressive. The high productions values of this comic insure that it will catch the eye on the stands, and the full colour interior art, on gloss paper, will make even the most mainstream reader want to take a look.

The plot involves an elderly man stumbling out of the desert and finding shelter with the owner of a spartan house. The setting seems to be the ancient past, with no signs of advanced technology and people clothed in robes and sandals. The stranger tell his kind host the tale of his life so far, how he witnessed his mother's death by snake bite, and soon after had a spiritual encounter with the god Ansik. This lead him to devote his life to a search for his god through a true and modest life. The story is told with solemn dialogue that manages to avoid seeming overwrought.

The art team work well together producing pictures that have a world weary look, with characters who show the effects of living in a harsh environment. The colouring used is mostly in a range of earth tones, but with the occasional colorful effect when appropriate, such as encounters with Ansik.

In all this is a self assured comic that shows that the creative team know what they want to achieve and have put some hard work into making sure they get it done. My only concern with the book is that the colouring process gives results that are be a bit bright for the desert setting chosen. With a dignified and contemplative tone that has no need for action to excite the reader, this book might seem like an unexciting read, but if you give it a change it is sure to draw you in.

In a Word: Insightful.

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