Rex Mundi Convention Special & #1

Posted: Tuesday, March 5, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Writer(s): Arvid Nelson
Artist(s): Eric Johnson (Pencils, inks - Con. Special), Asa Taylor (Colors - Con Special) Mostafa Moussa (Inks, #1)
Publishers: Candlelight Comics/Shrunken Head Studios
From: com
Price: $2:95 (US)

Strange things have been going on in the Parisian church of La Madeline, and there's a strong smell of sulphur and sandalwood about the whole business. Father Gerard Marin calls on the local physician, Dr. Julien Sauniere for help. His investigations uncover a murder and suggest that the Father is right to fear the worst. The convention special gives us a colour version of the first third of issue #1, repeating the same story but abbreviating some scenes. The colour selection is quite dour, made up of browns or grays in the most past. Eric has a very detailed drawing style, with lots of intricate line work giving the comic a realistic feel. The human figure work, especially in the faces is reminiscent of Bart Dears style. The results are more attractive when he inks his own work in the convention special as occasionally Mostafa's inks appear awkward.

The idea of a demonic storyline very seldom appeal to me, but after giving it a go I found it an absorbing mystery tale. The setting of a slightly altered 1930's Paris could be developed a bit more, so far the only way to really tell where the story is set is a few street signs. The central character of Dr. Sauniere works well for an investigator - handsome, intelligent, with a wide circle of friends. He promises to be up to the case, as do the creative team.

This is a well thought out and executed comic that avoids the usually blood and guts that less competent creators use whenever demonic cults are on hand. This title is scheduled to appear as part of the "Image Introduces..." line from Image Comics, and from the evidence so far it is well worth further investigation.

In a Word: Serious.

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