Lunchmeat Daydream #3

Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Lunchmeat Daydream #3 Creator(s): Matthew Daley
Publishers: Pretentious Starving Artist Comix
From: Canada
Price: $1.00

There are not that many comics about people who talk to their ball point pens, but this is one of them. Talking to his pen suggests that maybe the day job is a bit too stressful for Mr. Uncle. Away from work things aren't any better. He gets into a fist fight on the street and then there's a nasty accident with a street cleaner.

The dialogue here is slightly disjointed, with lots of oblique comments. The pictures are much the same, including close ups of pens and a strange band of warriors who wear Pacific island masks and bear witness to the unfolding events.

The back up story features a man who sells hot dogs and a creature that lives in the sewers. The story is told in full page panels with narration along the bottom of each page. It's a strange story that isn't particularly clear, but I think that perhaps the hot dogs contained some body parts. Yuk!

The artwork is reminiscent of that of Kyle Baker, especially the way the characters are drawn. It looks to have been done with a brush. It is the artwork that wins out in this book, as the writing is so obtuse that you just have to go with the flow in the hope some sense will appear. Maybe it does in issue 4.

In a Word: Dislocated.

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