Nether: Nearly Here

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

For immediate release:

Nether:the Age of Maga #1 by CD Regan will appear in the April issue of the Diamond Distributor catalog, Previews, for a June release.

This series takes place in a mythic neoprimordial future - a world where there is a delicate line between the real and the supernatural. Part apocalyptic adventure, part descent into hell, part mystical journey into the soul, Nether is gritty, atmospheric, and written for audiences hungry for storytelling with substance.

CD Regan has been published with a variety of independent publishers
including Comico, Cry for Dawn, Caliber, and Dark Matter Press, and illustrated for White Wolf Games' Vampire: the Dark Ages, Wraith, and Werewolf. Inspirations for the series are derived from contemporary horror films, anime, and Celtic and Native American mythologies.

Here is what other reviewers had to say about a preview to Nether #1:

Its a long time since I've been so impressed with a first issue of any comic... It's original, it's different, and it looks great.

--Alan Grant

Regan dares to tread into the minefield of the fantastic- more dangerous to the creative mind than the impact of a set of Robert Jordan hardbacks dropped from a high altitude.

--Rafael Kayanan

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