ScriptGraphics : Call for Entries.

Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

If you write, pencil, or ink small press comics or fanzines ScriptGraphics want to hear about it. There press release stated

We're looking for stories. Good, well thought out and well executed stories that are ready to go and complete. Single issue or multipart storylines will be accepted, but if you do a multipart storyline: the entire storyline must be complete and seen before it will be considered! If the work you're doing is competitive with what you seen in ScriptGraphics publications or the work you've seen me do for the Peoples Comicbook Newsletter, feel free to send samples of what you'd like to have published. ScriptGraphics Presents will be a forum for the new creators and provide a viewing ground for that work to reach a prospective comic reading audience.

They want stories to be no longer than 10 pages. Multi issues must be no longer than 10 pages a segment.

They don't want excessive violence, gore, or gratuitous sex.

You can do the art any size you feel comfortable with, but when we receive it, it can be no larger than 5 inches by 8 inches. The work can only be black and white at this time. We are not accepting pin-ups at this time, only completed panel-to-panel stories. (There will be no exceptions to these rules, so take note). Send only clean, clear, xeroxes and send only your best work.

Send all work for review and consideration to

C/O Darrell Goza
Post Office Box 2170
East Orange, New Jersey

They stated that those who send in work will receive a card of receipt when the work is received and a note of acceptance if the work makes the cut.

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me