Triple Noir Theater #1

Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Triple Noir Theater #1 Writer(s): Johnny Gonzales (Layouts, stories and letters)
Artist(s): Floyd Choat (stories and finished art)
Publishers: Self Published
From: USA
Price: $2.00 (US)

9:55 PM, my office.

The coffee's cold, but the drive home is colder. I figure reviewing a comic will keep me warm. This one is a black and white A5 with a cover crammed with nasty looking hoods and a dame.

9:56 PM

The first tale theses guys spin has to do with a hitman who thinks he's got all the angels covered. He plans his jobs well, thinks things through and makes sure the alibi will stand up in court. When it comes to the sharp end of things he does what is asked of him, but then events take a nasty turn. Guy was a sap but watching bad things happening to someone else always makes me feel better about life.


Dream Match: Kevin Rourke's ex wrestling partner is found dead. Currently Rourke is a private detective, and his new partner decides to go undercover in ring to get the information the cops should have been searching for. Things get rough, heads get knocked together and it looks like Rourke might be having to look for a new partner. Some of the exposition is a bit corny, but the twists and turns kept me turning the pages. I've been in a few scrapes myself, and for a bit of wholesome crime this wasn't too bad.

10:07 PM

Got to the final story. Johnny Nicks is a hitman and he thinks he's one bright cooky. Takes on a job that should be a walk in the park, but then he steps in some dog do and things ain't so sweet for our Nicks. Yeah, you're right, it's a bit too much like the first story for it's own good.

10:10 PM

Got to the end of my coffee and the comic. It was too strong and made my stomach ache. As for the comic, well the art work had a deft touch to it, these guys are pro's with the pen and ink. In the writing department things went just a bit too quick for the good of the stories, and they should have come up with something a bit different at the end, repeating the same basic gag devalued both efforts.

10:15 PM

Looked up from my desk. There was this dame standing in the doorway...

In a Word: Persuasive.

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