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Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder


by Rich Koslowski
Top Shelf is proud to present a very unique comics project. Through a series of never-before-seen interviews and rare photos, documentary-maker Rich Koslowski reveals the horrifying true story behind the Cartoon industry and our most celebrated cartoon actors -- the story that Hollywood doesn't want you to see. Told in the same style as a Ken Burns documentary, with interviews of 'toon stars today as well as historical "file footage" of the "early years," this work of fiction will forever change the way you think of those beloved characters in the white gloves. * Rich Koslowski has worked in the Animation and Comic Book industry for the past 12 years. Best known for his three-time, Eisner-nominated work on his self-published parody title "The 3 Geeks," this ground-breaking graphic novel is sure to appeal to everyone.
-- $14.95 (US), 144 pages, Graphic Novel, 9" x 11", ISBN: 1-891830-31-7

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by Michael Slack
Top Shelf is proud to represent Michael Slack's Xeric Award winning comic, "Land of O" -- a stunning debut of dark, humorous short stories. Set in a dystopian third world America, the "Land of O" is 32 pages of amazingly rendered graphite illustrations. Chronicling the lives of a cast of repulsive characters living in the fallout of glutinous over consumption, greedy global capitalism, and excessive genetic tinkering, this debut is not to be missed.
-- $3.95 (US), Comic Book, 32 pages, 6 5/8" x 9"

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by Keith Knight
THE K CHRONICLES is a semi-autobiographical comic strip by cartoonist/rapper Keith Knight that appears weekly on and in many other fine publications (like the Pacific Sun, Las Vegas Mercury, Funny Times, and more). The strip is an unabashedly provocative mix of political and social satire; tackling such touchy subjects as racism, violence, and sex with a self-deprecating humor, personal honesty and light-hearted goofiness rarely found in a newspaper comic. The result is accessible yet subversive, compassionate and political, without being preachy. Described as a combination of Calvin & Hobbes and underground comix, THE K CHRONICLES has garnered a large fan base that includes Spike Lee, Matt Groening, Garry Trudeau, Dave Eggers and Maya Angelou
WHAT A LONG STRANGE STRIP IT'S BEEN will feature over one-hundred K CHRONICLES strips (including "Life's Little Victories"), plus some multi-page stories and strips that have never before seen print. Keith Knight, a fan favorite on the convention circuit, also raps with the San Francisco band The Marginal Prophets and is currently developing an animated series for Nickelodeon.
-- $12.95 (US), 128 pages, Trade Paperback, 6" x 7 1/2", ISBN 1-891830-30-9

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by Eddie Campbell
(published by Eddie Campbell Comics)
A new quarterly magazine from Eddie Campbell mixing all-new art and articles, all by Eddie himself -- "It‚s always got to be about you," said Anne Campbell when she suggested the title. It includes the first fifteen pages of the new Alec serial "The History of Humour," and an in-depth article/interview with Lew Sayre Schwartz, who ghosted Batman for Bob Kane for seven years; was in the room when Siegel and Schuster said they were going to sue DC; and did some work in Dr. Strangelove for Stanley Kubrick. Plus, Eddie hunts down the peculiar history of a neoclassical French nude that hangs in an Australian pub, and gives a detailed report on the Hollywood premiere of From Hell. -- $4.95 (US),
48 pages, Comic Book

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by Josh Simmons
Not for the weak of heart, Josh's incredibly drawn comics are a disturbing exposé on the dark side of the American Dream, pointing out the sometimes ludicrous underbelly of Democracy and Prosperity. Fans of Ivan Brunetti's SCHIZO, Pete Sickman-Garner's HEY, MISTER and Johnny Ryan's ANGRY YOUTH COMIX will definitely want to "get Happy." Included in this all-new issue is a 17-page story, "Autobiographical Comix," where Josh "celebrates" the existence of confessional autobio strip;, a very detailed 10-page story, "The King of the World Makes a New Friend" which took Josh two years to draw working off and on; and a few unforgettable shorter pieces as well. Mature Readers.
-- $3.50 (US), Comic Book, 32 pages, 6" x 9"

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The Top Shelf family received three Eisner Award Nominations this year.
Check 'em out:

Best Graphic Album--Reprint:
- BOX OFFICE POISON by Alex Robinson

Best Humor Publication:
- HEY, MISTER by Pete Sickman-Garner

Best Short Story:
- "The Willful Death of a Stereotype" by Chris Staros & Bo Hampton
(a short story in the "Expo 2001" anthology)


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