Stay As You Are #8

Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Stay As You Are #8 Creator(s): Brad Yung
Publishers: Self Published
From: Canada
Price: $2:00 (US)

I'm so bored with this comic. Every time an issue arrives I have to sit down and read page after page of pithy humour laden strips that make me laugh out loud, every time. I just wish that for once Brad would draw something boring for a change. Sure, sometimes he breaks the endless monotony of imaginative artwork with an especially clever strip that has a hidden motif or an off the wall approach, but for the most part it is just well drawn panel after well drawn panel.

What really turns my brain to numb jelly is the fact that I can be so sure the Brad will always sneak into the strips some thoughtful and interesting commentaries on modern life. Even Ninja Bear, which looks at first sight to be a silly ninja fight fest' has an undercurrent of self-referential commentary on cartooning and Brad's unconscious desires to have fun. This much cunning in every issue is so draining.

Brad just doesn't seem to be able to resist witty one liners and dead pan philosophy where badly done puns or dimwitted physical comedy would have been appropriate. The worst thing is that he shows no sign of lowering his standards or selling out for cheap laughs, so I guess I'll have to resign myself to the fact that this will never stop being my favourite comic. How utterly predictable of Mr Yung.

In a Word: Smart.

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