Staying within the Borderline

Posted: Tuesday, June 25, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

The folks at borderline seem to be determined to keep on keeping on after an appeal for assistance. Editor Phil Hall has saluted the few who have given generously to save the magazine - and slammed the rest who didn't, attacking what the Border-line Press release called the so-called comics fans who took the opportunity provided by its peril to belittle the award-winning magazine and its achievements Phil Hall then went on to argue that the big difference between Borderline and comic websites such as this one was Well, we never set ourselves up as a fanzine website. However big and all-encompassing we might be, we started this venture off with the intention of making money.

While they might not have done so well with this so far, Phil pointed out that Giving coverage to marginal and unheard-of titles has led to many of these people turning a profit or seeing increases on website hits or order figures - and this has *only* been down to BORDERLINE.

We need to continue our good work. We've been innovative, we've been a damned sight more professional than many and we did what we did under our own steam, with little outside encouragement. The US and UK markets can look forward to a bleaker future without the kind of people I've assembled and without things like BORDERLINE.

Phil's Save Borderline Appeal might still need your help, so either go to the Paypal icon on or send cheques, money orders but NOT cash to P Hall at the editorial address:

45 Fullingdale Road
The Headlands
Northampton NN3 2PZ

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