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Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder


Issue #5 brings readers another step closer to uncovering the origin of super-humanity.

As the real-life team (of Christian Read, Andrew Phillips and Chris Gavellas) welcome the addition of experienced Australian artist Stewart McKenny to the crew, The Watch welcome their latest recruit. Her name is Susan and she knows little of the history of the world's superhumans. But she quickly learns when she receives her first assignment - bodyguarding Dr Lek Tribe, one of the original researchers behind the initial superhuman process. Entitled "Dolly's Theme", issue #5 brings home the dark reality faced by those who are forced to overcome their fears by becoming closer to them.

This issue (the last in current series) is sure to shock its existing readers, and snare the new. Don't miss this exciting continuation of an intriguing story that encompasses the best new writing in the comic field today. The Watch remains a comic that respects your intelligence! Issue #5 also features the second in a fabulous set of covers painted by Nicola Scott. Of course the story of The Watch will continue - Starting in 2003, new issues of The Watch will be released in mini-series beginning with a 3-part series entitled "CASUS BELLI". Check your latin. For information on this mini-series and more, see the details printed inside the pages of issue #5.

The Watch #5 goes on sale THIS WEEK - at your comic store, so pick one up before they all disappear! Alternately, have a copy delivered right to your door by ordering through our online store: at


Distribution of the B&W Witch King #1 Limited Edition Preview (Southern-Hemisphere and mail-order release only) has pretty much been totally under our own steam (with thanks to all those supportive retailers). The Limited Edition was released last April as a prelude to what may be one of the most exciting fantasy themed comics to date. The artwork is unparallelled and so is the story in many ways. The idea behind the preview was to garner enough sales to secure the viability of the full-length series, and by all indications the in-store sales of the Ltd Edition preview are going well. Two thirds of the printed copies are now in circulation, and judging from the response we have had so far we may be fast on track to seeing the full 6 part series hit the international market very soon! With the benefit of full colour this comic will really be in it's element. Copies are still available for order online and there is a new online preview at

We are in the process of gathering the required funding and distribution deals to secure the future of this, our latest title. CHECK IT OUT & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!


Our submissions page has recently had a complete overhaul! In particular we are looking for new titles from writers we haven't heard from before. Also, several inking positions will need to be filled in order to complete the six part series of WITCH KING (to follow in PJ Magalhaes' excellent example), so all inkers interested in being part of the WITCH KING team, check out the Phosphorescent Comics SUBMISSION GUIDELINES at for more info.

The current break in the publishing schedule looks like being a good opportunity to write some replies to those people who have made submissions in recent months, so if that includes you, we'll be in touch ASAP! You can enquire about the status of your submission via

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