Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Ha Writer(s): Robert Rex Jackson
Artist(s): Bob Craig (i), John Q Adams (p) Brett Essler (Cover Inks)
Publishers: Cryin' Shark Studios
From: USA
Price: $1:00 (US)

Robert recounts for us an episode from the mid eighties when he and a friend decided to score some LSD. They head off to find a guy who knows a guy... This involves them in arguments, tracking down the local outdoor party venue and spooky trips down isolated back roads late at night. They eventually got their tabs and go back home to experience the effects LSD has in store, recording the events on a cassette deck.

As an autobiographical record of what LA was like in the eighties this makes for an amusing short read. Some especially funny bits include when the two guys think they have been ripped of, and their wait for the LSD to kick in which turns from boredom to kinetic hallucinations.

The artwork department can't bee said to be that flash. Layouts and "camera angles" show thought has gone into the book and there is some especially imaginative work in the hallucinatory scenes at the end, but the finishing can't quite do justice to them with the inking looking a bit ratty in places.

In a Word: Rough.

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