Easy Clichés #1

Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Easy Clichés #1 Writer(s): Daniel Wilks
Artist(s): Paul Aggett
Publishers: Phosphorescent Comics
From: Australia
Price: $4.95 (AU)

In a world where cloned bodies are a dime a dozen your approach to physical injury takes on a whole new perspective. Mr Daedel has had a series of bodies, as might be expected for a Private Detective. His latest case has a new twist, he has to find his client. She rang and claimed to be a soap opera character. Not the actor, but the character herself, come to life some how.

From the set up we get a straight forward detecting plot; getting information and finding clues. The book's title tells it like it is. The hook is the surreal approach that permeates the book. Daniel takes things to absurd extremes, such as designating the band of genetically engineered thugs as the G.O.O.N.'s (Grotesque, Obedient, self-Operating Nemesis). They rough our hero up for the money he owes the body bank. As we might expect in any self respecting hi-tech detective case, we meet a computer geek/hacker. He's disabled, likes porn and can't be bothered to get new legs I never used to use them apart from to keep my socks up.

Paul Aggett's graphics have a strong Manga feel to them, with some effective use of grey washed tones, stylized facial features and an excellent grasp of how to present a three dimension space. The light hearted inventiveness in this title made for a fun read, though I wonder if it might start to grate over the course of several issues.

In a Word: Quirky.

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