Onion Rings #11

Posted: Tuesday, August 13, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Onion Rings #11 Creator(s): Daniel McKeown, David Tang, Marg McK
Publishers: Self Published
From: Australia
Price: Free

Another mini comic that comes care of Daniel, though here we also get some work by other Australian creators. There are three separate strips in this issue. The first is a hilarious tale that follows one women's indecisiveness regarding the end of a relationship. The humour comes out of the format that Daniel uses. The same recurring panel appears twice on the side of each page, showing the lady asking God to send her a sign if she should leave her partner. These are matched up with glaringly obvious hints that this relation is a big fat end-burger. The story is round off with a great punch line.

There follows a three page contribution from David Tang in which he recounts a presentation he had to give to his class. We soon see that his confidence about how he looked contrasted dramatically with the reality of the situation which he soon finds out for himself in front of a mirror. His disappoint with how things went is thrown into a whole different perspective when we discover what day these events occurred.

In the final story Mary McK. presents Bud and his futile attempts to find accommodation in an over booked city. Bud eventually losses his patience with some restaurant staff in the expensive bed and breakfast that he has had to stay in. The dialogue in this is amusing in parts but doesn't quite hang together.

There are a few laughs to be had in this small anthology, as well as a couple of serious moments that add up to a book that leaves one with a vaguely unsettled feeling.

In a Word: Pensive.

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